The Secret to a Beautiful Smile (Even If You Don’t Have All Your Teeth!)

Beautiful woman with dental implantsBeauty, and what we find beautiful, is highly subjective. However, when it comes to a beautiful smile, there are a few common denominators: bright white enamel and a general lack of stains, chips, and breaks. The (arguably) biggest detractor from the overall beauty of your smile is missing teeth. Whether you lost them to gum disease or in accident on the softball field, missing teeth can make you look older, less attractive, and in poor health. Dr. Shawn Hofkes, a Cerritos, CA dentist with specialized training in oral surgery and implant dentistry, discusses how replacing those missing teeth with dental implants can help restore a dazzling, youthful smile. (more…)

How Well Do You Know Your Wisdom Teeth?

Woman has Questions about Wisdom TeethWhen you think about it, wisdom teeth seem like an exercise in poor design. The average human jaw can comfortably accommodate 28 permanent teeth. Yet, sometime around the college years, four additional teeth try to squeeze in there. So, why develop wisdom teeth at all? Today, Cerritos, CA dentist and oral surgery expert, Dr. Shawn Hofkes, answers this question and shares some fascinating facts about these problematic teeth. (more…)

What is Advanced Dentistry?

Advanced dentistryEvery dentist can provide routine preventive care, those twice-yearly checkups and cleanings meant to remove built up plaque and tartar and keep an eye on developing oral health issues. But once a serious oral health problem has been diagnosed, who do you trust to provide the cutting-edge care you need to return your smile to its ideal state of health and function? Dr. Shawn Hofkes, a Cerritos, CA dentist with extensive training in advanced dentistry, discusses why you may benefit from visiting a multi-specialty practice. (more…)