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Wisdom Teeth Can Harm Your Smile

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The worst possible time to have to deal with a dental emergency is when you are already at your most self-conscious. Unfortunately, that is when your wisdom teeth are most likely to grow. These evolutionary holdovers seem to only come up in conversation whenever they pose problems, so why do we have them in the… Read more »

Your Teen May Be Hiding Wisdom Tooth Pain

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For many parents, recognizing the severity of your children’s issues can sometimes be tricky. Without a wealth of knowledge on their own bodies, they might not even be sure that something is a problem. And they might believe, as with other issues relating to puberty, that things will right themselves out in the end. But… Read more »

Wisdom Teeth Quiz: Common Areas Of Confusion

You might have a little bit of information floating around in your thoughts regarding your third molars, also known as wisdom teeth. However, when we’re getting down to the details of wisdom teeth removal, when these final teeth show up, and more, you may be the first to admit that you don’t actually know as… Read more »

Wisdom Teeth Removal: 3 Things To Remember

There are a lot of things to learn, of course, if you’re considering wisdom teeth removal. We expect you to ask us a lot of questions, so feel free to bring them up! As for planning the actual procedure and choosing your dates and times, we like to remind patients that this is not the… Read more »

Learning About Third Molars

Did you know that third molars are synonymous with wisdom teeth? They were originally referred to as “teeth of wisdom” because they emerged much later than the rest of the permanent teeth. Third molars often appear in the mouth of a person in their late teens or early twenties. Some people have third molars that never emerge… Read more »

Wisdom Teeth Quiz: True or False?

It’s understandable that you may not know much about your wisdom teeth. After all, some people don’t have them, some people have an easy experience with them, and they show up later than your other teeth. However, it’s important that you do become familiar with these third molars because if they do present any type… Read more »

Planning Your Kids’ Wisdom Teeth Removal

For many parents, it’s not figuring out insurance details or wondering if their children do or don’t need wisdom teeth removal that causes stress. It’s the planning of the experience that causes the most frustration. In addition to needing time to come into our practice for third molar extractions, you also need to consider rescheduling… Read more »

When Should I Start Worrying About Wisdom Teeth?

“Wisdom teeth” is the common, informal name for your third set of permanent molars, and they are often associated with a number of dental health complications. As the last teeth to erupt, wisdom teeth do not typically become problematic until early adulthood, and for some patients, the molars may never cause any trouble at all…. Read more »

Why Are Third Molars Called ‘Wisdom’ Teeth?

Originally, third molars were referred to as ‘teeth of wisdom’ but ever since the 19th century, we’ve been calling them ‘wisdom’ teeth – why? Contrary to what it may seem, these teeth actually have nothing to do with the amount of wisdom you may or may not have. In fact, third molars coined this term… Read more »

Are Wisdom Teeth Dangerous?

Wisdom teeth, or your third (and last) molars, typically erupt anywhere from the late teens to early twenties. Surprisingly, that’s actually how they got their name, “wisdom” teeth, because this age range is know as the “age of wisdom.” Regardless, however, they do not indicate anything about your actual intelligence. In fact, they could cause… Read more »