Month: December 2018

Help! My Tooth Really Hurts!

Is there ever a good time for a tooth ache? That’s a pretty silly question: of course not! Toothaches can come in a number of intensities, with a variety of causes. Sometimes they are a dental emergency, such as when they come on suddenly, or with no apparent cause. Toothaches in response to an injury… Read more »

Common Uncertainty Regarding Smile Whitening

So, you want teeth whitening for your smile. Only, you feel like you have some concerns that make it complicated. As a result, you feel sort of torn about the topic: Do you come in to talk with us about this type of cosmetic care, even though you feel resistant because you worry it’s not… Read more »

Things You’re Saying That Mean: I Need To See My Oral Surgeon!

If you listen closely, you will often notice that the things you’re saying aloud say a lot about what you need. For instance, you may simply talk to yourself in reminder form. Or, you may bring up things you need to remember or mention concerns when you’re talking with friends and loved ones. Our oral… Read more »

Make Cosmetic Care In 2019 A Reality!

When we find ourselves closing in on the end of a year and looking forward to ushering in a bright, shiny, new one, we always reflect on things that we would like to do and accomplish. If one of the things you’ve been thinking about quite a lot lately is finding a way to end… Read more »