Tooth Sensitivity Can Be More Than Annoying

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For those suffering from pain in their teeth, they might be inclined to believe that it is something that might ease up over time. Maybe the issue will subside and then with proper oral health maintenance, it can be avoided in the future. If you can just get over the pain right now!

Unfortunately, that is not often how tooth sensitivity operates. So it is very important to find the cause of your discomfort, and determine what steps need to be taken. Today, your Cerritos, CA dentist offers some ideas on what to look for, and what you might want to document for the next time you are in the office for a cleaning and examination!


What Is Fluoride And How Is It Helpful?

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Many people have heard of fluoride and they may be a little bit familiar with it. They know that it is put into tap water and toothpastes, but that may be the extent of their familiarity. But the use of fluoride for dental purposes has allowed our society to protect our smiles more than just about anything else in the 20th century and beyond!

So since you may have just a little information, you might also be understandably skeptical of the addition of a chemical to our drinking water, and wonder why the need seems to be there. So today, your Cerritos, CA dentist is here to explain the rationale behind fluoride use and its safety!


A Healthy And Happy Halloween

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When this time of year comes around, parents across the world know the pandemonium that is coming. Our children are excited about the season and dressing up like their favorite characters. But most of all, comes piles and piles of candy. For parents looking to limit the intake of a high amount of sugar and processed foods, finding an avenue for healthy snacks can be a real struggle!

That’s why today, your Cerritos, CA dentist talks to you a bit about possible options that can keep the kids satisfied. At the same time, ways to make sure that their nutrition does not suffer because of Halloween!


Implants: More Accessible Than Ever

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As technology evolves, we are seeing new and creative uses for implant technology. From single-tooth replacements to implant-supported dentures, there is a wide variety of options available to you and your smile.

Not only are price points stabilizing, giving patients a more consistent gauge on their possibilities, but the development of new techniques including CAD, or computer-aided design, are leading to new innovations daily in creating custom crowns and implants. Simultaneously, our ability to 3D print materials has never been stronger. These two, in conjunction, are giving us our strongest ability to give you the smile of your dreams!

Today, your Cerritos, CA dentist explains why now is a fantastic time for you to plan your dental implant solution. And how these technologies are allowing you to have a lasting foundation for your oral health!


Helpful Ways To Protect Your Gums

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The shining stars of our mouths are our teeth, and we strive to maintain the function and beauty of them always. But patients can underestimate the power that our periodontal tissue has in keeping our smile happy and healthy. This matter, commonly known as our gums, provides a sturdy barrier between the outside world and our body.

As our largest entrance, our mouths are also the most vulnerable area of weakness to bacterial and fungal infection. We are constantly battling the development of colonies within the recesses of our mouths, and if these take hold, they can do serious damage to you and your enamel.

By covering the root of the tooth, your periodontal tissue ensures that infection cannot take hold within the inside of the structure. When this happens, the most likely solution becomes a root canal, and we would like to avoid this surgery if possible. So today, your Cerritos, CA dentist explains how to best prevent gum disease, and what to expect if you require a graft!


Children Don’t Have To Hate Brushing

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All parents know the struggle that can come alongside trying to coax an unenthused child to take care of their oral health at night. No matter what the emotion, it seems to overwhelm the desire to brush. With their imaginations, absolutely anything can be more exciting than taking care of their teeth.

For that reason, it is important for you to find ways that make nightly oral health care to become a little less of a chore. With a little time, you can develop a process that works well for both you and your little one. Hopefully you will be able to make this part of the day just a little brighter, and if you do, you will be rewarded for your effort!

Today, your Cerritos, CA dentist gives you some tips on ways that we have seen to be successful in cementing a solid oral health foundation for your family. These can also make the time go by quicker for you, as well, and we can all use new tools to keep our mouths happy and healthy!


Relief Now With Custom Guards

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Many people grind their teeth in their sleep. When this condition becomes serious, it can cause major damage to your oral health. Bruxism, or the term for this unconscious movement, can wear down your teeth. This can lead to both cosmetic and dental issues that will need addressing with a separate procedure. This can also lead to undesired changes in your mouth’s alignment, once again requiring an additional maneuver to spare your smile.

While success has been limited in the ability to mentally stop these twitch movements while you’re unconscious, we can take certain steps to ensure that our jaw cannot be causing damage in the hours while we are asleep. Today, your Cerritos, CA dentist discusses some of the benefits that you may see when you start wearing a custom mouthguard at night!


Simple Screenings For Your Peace Of Mind

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Oral cancer may seem like something that is rare, and while it is infrequent, it is also very dangerous. Around half of the 43,000 people who will receive a diagnosis will perish from the disease within the following five years. As an aggressive form of cancer, it is important to catch this as soon as you possibly can.

Early treatment can mean the difference between a successful cancer treatment and one that fails. And this disease may show up in those with no other health conditions. So it is very important for even the most healthy of us to pay attention to our oral health and notice any changes in our smile.

If you notice any change in coloration or the shape of your moth, make sure to mention this to your trained oral healthcare provider during your routine examination at the very latest. But today, your Cerritos, CA dentist urges you to screen for oral cancer regularly, so that we may be able to fight this before it presents itself outwardly!


Surprising Ties Between Illness And Your Beautiful Smile

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The link between your oral and your overall health is undeniable. And we are learning more each day about new ways that our mouths have links to other areas of our body. We see this in numerous different areas, but our connection to our cardiac health may be the strongest we have seen so far. That said, there are other aspects that impact your smile that you may not be aware of.

Because your mouth is a very good indicator of other areas of your physical condition, it is important to track any concerns you have and bring them to your trained oral health professional. Today, your Cerritos, CA dentist touches on a few medical conditions that have direct ties to your oral health. As always, be sure to keep your office in the loop on any changes with your other doctors, so we can have a full image!


Practical Questions With Dental Implants

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When people start to think about the possibility of replacing a tooth (or several) with a prosthetic, they may get a little overwhelmed. After all, you’ve spent your entire life with your natural biological material, so it may be a little strange and new to you.

For most people, this is not something that they have spent much time researching until they already have a situation that requires help. So we are here to answer your questions, big or small. After you have initially decided to have an implant placed, feel free to bring up any and all concerns you have with your dentist.

So today, your Cerritos, CA dentist goes over some everyday questions and concerns that patients often have. And as always, if you have anything else that pops into your head, give us a call and we can futher plan how we can craft you a strong smile with a gorgeous natural appearance!