Dental Implants Help Prevent Bone Loss

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Missing just a single tooth can cause problems for your entire smile. A small gap in your oral cavity may seem insignificant, but it can lead to further loss in the future and potentially weaken your facial structures. To avoid these concerns, consider getting replacements with implants with our team at Cerritos Dental Surgery in California. These can be used for many forms of prosthetics and help maintain your appearance.

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How Implants Compare To Other Prosthetics

There are many ways that your missing teeth can be replaced. The prosthetic chosen will depend on the severity of the loss, your oral health, and your specific needs. Dental bridges are one option that may be able to replace up to three missing teeth in the same row. This is a permanent fixture that is held in place by the surrounding teeth. For patients who have gaps throughout their smile in different places, dentures may be used instead. These can be full or partial depending on your needs. While these replacement options are helpful, they only mimic the visible part of your missing teeth and not the root. The root helps keep the jaw strong and supports other teeth. Without it, your jawbone can weaken, and chewing can become difficult.

How You Can Replace The Entire Structure

Dental implants are a prosthetic option that can replace the entire structure of your missing tooth. They can be used to replace one or several of your pearly whites. Essentially, there are three parts to this method. The post, which is inserted into the jawbone, creates a sturdy base for the replacement. Then the abutment piece is added, which connects the post to the crown. The crown is the final part and the piece that blends in with your smile.

If you have severe tooth loss, there is the option of all-on-four implants. Posts will be inserted throughout the jawbone to support your set of dentures. This method is beneficial because it can help keep your facial structure healthy, improve your chewing ability, and provide you with a complete smile.

Starting The Process

Before you can receive your implants, you will need to have a consultation with your dentist. It’s important that your gums, jaw, and remaining teeth are healthy. After this initial appointment, your dentist will discuss your treatment plan. This process can take several months to complete, so it is critical that you understand each step. Oral surgery will be required to insert the post and then there will be a resting period before adding the abutment and crown pieces. Once you have received your permanent prosthetic, it will last for many years with proper care.

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Why Do We Have Wisdom Teeth?

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Our wisdom teeth can pose serious problems if they grow in at the wrong angle. For many people, these last molars can cause crowding as they push the existing teeth toward the front of the mouth. With all of the concerns that come with the third set of molars, many people are left to wonder: why do we have them to begin with?

When you want to know more about wisdom tooth extraction, our team at Cerritos Dental Surgery in Cerritos, CA is here to help. If your dentist has recommended an extraction of the third molars for your teen, give us a call to learn a little bit more about the reasoning behind this decision. We can help you to understand the risks associated with the growth of their last set of teeth, and we can also provide a roadmap toward a healthier smile. To find out more about wisdom tooth extraction, or to schedule your teen’s next appointment, talk to our team today!


Dental Sedation For Lower Stress Visits

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For many individuals, a trip to the dentist can evoke feelings of anxiety and fear. Whether it’s due to past traumatic experiences or general discomfort with dental procedures, this anxiety can prevent people from seeking the care they need. However, thanks to advancements in dentistry, there are options available to help patients relax and feel comfortable during their dental visits. In this blog, our team at Cerritos Dental Surgery in Cerritos, CA will explore the different types of dental sedation.

What Is It?

Dental sedation involves the use of medications to help patients relax during dental procedures. It can be used for routine cleanings, fillings, root canals, or more extensive dental surgeries. The primary goal of sedation is to help patients feel calm and comfortable while ensuring they receive the necessary dental care without undue stress or discomfort.

Sedative Options for Dentistry

There are several types of sedative dentistry available, each offering varying levels of relaxation and control:

  1. Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas): Nitrous oxide, commonly known as laughing gas, is a mild form of sedation administered through a mask placed over the nose. It induces feelings of relaxation and euphoria, helping patients feel at ease during dental procedures. One of the significant benefits of nitrous oxide is that its effects wear off quickly once the mask is removed, allowing patients to drive themselves home afterward.
  2. Oral Sedation: Oral sedation involves taking a prescribed medication, usually a pill, before the dental appointment. This medication helps induce a state of relaxation and drowsiness, making it an excellent option for patients with moderate anxiety. It’s essential to follow the dentist’s instructions regarding when to take the medication and any guidelines for eating or drinking before the appointment.
  3. Intravenous (IV) Sedation: IV sedation is administered directly into the bloodstream through a vein, allowing for a more profound level of sedation. This type of sedation is often used for more complex dental procedures like oral surgery or for patients with severe dental anxiety. A trained professional monitors the patient’s vital signs throughout the procedure to ensure safety and comfort.

Benefits for Your Visit

Sedation offers numerous benefits for both patients and dental practitioners:

  • Reduced Anxiety: Sedation helps alleviate feelings of anxiety and fear associated with dental visits, making the experience more pleasant for patients.
  • Improved Comfort: Sedation allows patients to relax during procedures, reducing discomfort and tension.
  • Increased Cooperation: Patients who receive sedation are often more cooperative during dental treatments, allowing dentists to work more efficiently and effectively.
  • Time Efficiency: With sedation, dentists can perform complex procedures more quickly, minimizing the need for multiple appointments.

Can Sedation Help You?

If you experience anxiety or fear about visiting the dentist, dental sedation may be a suitable option to consider. Your dentist will evaluate factors such as the complexity of the procedure, your level of anxiety, and any existing medical conditions to recommend the best course of action. To explore sedation dentistry options for your next visit, give us a call at 562-584-4082 today to schedule your visit

Night Guard: Protect Your Smile

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Your smile is one of your most valuable assets, reflecting confidence, health, and vitality. However, many people unknowingly put their smiles at risk while they sleep. Nighttime teeth grinding and clenching, medically known as bruxism, can wreak havoc on your dental health. Fortunately, there is a simple yet effective solution: the night guard. In this blog, our team at Cerritos Dental Surgery in Cerritos, CA will explore how this small dental appliance can play a significant role in safeguarding your smile.


Three Types of Gum Grafting

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Gum recession is a common dental issue that affects many individuals, often leading to sensitivity, aesthetic concerns, and potential dental problems if left untreated. Gum grafting procedures offer effective solutions to reverse gum recession and restore gum tissue to its proper position. Among the various techniques available, three primary types stand out: Connective Tissue, Free Gingival, and Pedicle grafts. Each method has its unique approach and indications, catering to different patient needs and circumstances. In this blog, our team at Cerritos Dental Surgery in Cerritos, CA will walk you through the three procedures. 


Smile Stability with Bone Grafting

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The loss of a tooth can have a profound impact on both oral health and confidence. Fortunately, modern dentistry offers a transformative solution – bone grafting. In this blog, our team at Cerritos Dental Surgery in Cerritos, CA explores how the grafting procedures can play a pivotal role in stabilizing your smile after tooth loss, providing a foundation for durable and natural-looking tooth replacements


Your Third Molars And Your Oral Health

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As you age into your smile, there are certain pivotal moments. During these times, it is important to keep a close eye on your oral health, and a prime example of this is when your third molars start to develop. As you reach your later teen years and into your early twenties, you need to pay attention to the growth of your wisdom teeth.

Our office at Cerritos Dental Surgery in Cerritos, CA understands the risks that come along with ignoring the growth of your last set of molars. Take some time to talk with an oral health expert about whether your need to go, and if so, we can help you with wisdom teeth extraction. This process can help you to avoid shifting alignment and damage to your teeth, as they simply might not have enough room at the back of your jaw. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment for a consultation!


Fighting Against Oral Cancer

Treat oral cancer early at Cerritos Dental Surgery in Cerritos California

One of the best reasons to take care of your oral health and get preventive treatment is to decrease the chances of oral cancer. This is a scary thing but can be an unfortunate reality, with around three percent of cancer cases being in the mouth.

Cancer cannot always be prevented, but it can be detected early with oral screenings. In today’s blog, we’re here to help inform our patients about the symptoms of oral cancer and the treatment options available. Cerritos Dental Surgery of Cerritos, CA, offers oral pathology treatment for our patients.

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What Can Cause Cancer In The Mouth

Several risk factors can increase the chances of developing oral cancer. Heavy tobacco use, excessive alcohol consumption, and genetics are just some of the leading causes. Reducing the amounts of alcohol that you drink and decreasing cigarette usage may help limit your chances. In addition to this, there are also preventive measures you can take.

Like other forms of diseases, oral cancer can be examined early. Especially if you begin to experience symptoms such as a sore or bleeding throat, chronic dry mouth, repeated infections, or irritations, you should visit a pathologist.

Visiting Your Pathologist

At your appointment, the doctor will check your mouth, lips, and gums for signs. A biopsy can be performed in which a small amount of your oral tissue will be taken and sent to a lab for examination. Getting a biopsy is beneficial because it can help detect early stages of cancer, which means you can start your treatment early.

If it is determined that you have cancer, there are several forms of treatment available. We understand how difficult this journey can be, and we will help you stay as comfortable as possible throughout your diagnosis and treatments.

Treating Oral Cancer

All patient’s symptoms show and progress differently, so there will be a variety of options to help manage them. At Stage 0, when this has not spread, there is the possibility to remove the affected tissues and stop the spread.

During Stage One or Two, the tumor has spread but only a small amount. Along with removing the tissues, chemotherapy or radiation can be used to target the affected area.

If you progress into Stage Three or further, a continuation of chemotherapy and radiotin will occur.

We know that this can be anxiety-inducing and worrisome for our patients. However, it is our goal to make this as easy as possible and return you to normal health. To allow for the earliest possible detection, continue seeing your dentist regularly and bring up your concerns if you begin to show symptoms.

Don’t Put Off Your Exam

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