Month: January 2019

Three “D” Terms You Can Feel Good About (And Why)!

From our perspective as your Cerritos, CA dental surgery team, there’s absolutely nothing in the world to feel less than stellar about when it comes to our services. What could be better than having access to a comprehensive selection of treatments that can help you figure out what’s happening with your smile and even repair… Read more »

Remember: Treating One Problem Prevents Another

There may be something about dental care that you assume is isolated. When you need to treat something like a cavity, for instance, you may figure that you have forever and ever to get it done because it’s just a cavity, existing on its own, and affecting nothing else. However, this isn’t how your oral… Read more »

Making Your Smile Whole: You Still Have A Whole Year!

Good news: It’s still January. The year is still fresh and new. If you were thinking toward the end of 2018 that you should really get the ball rolling when it comes to tooth replacement but here you are and you still haven’t called us to set up a visit, no problem! You’ve still got… Read more »

3 Simple Ways Whitening Improves Your Day

Does the idea of a beautiful white smile make you feel a quick rush of joy? The answer is likely yes! Everyone likes the thought of having a shining, glittering smile to show off to the world around them. However, that doesn’t always equate to patients feeling comfortable enough to come in to let us… Read more »

Lost a Tooth? You Should Know This

Tooth loss isn’t something that everyone has to deal with, but it can affect virtually anyone given the right circumstances. For example, everyone is susceptible to gum disease without proper hygiene and preventive care, and gum disease is the leading cause of adult tooth loss. Fortunately, patients in Cerritos, CA, who lose one or more… Read more »