Month: March 2016

Are Wisdom Teeth Dangerous?

Wisdom teeth, or your third (and last) molars, typically erupt anywhere from the late teens to early twenties. Surprisingly, that’s actually how they got their name, “wisdom” teeth, because this age range is know as the “age of wisdom.” Regardless, however, they do not indicate anything about your actual intelligence. In fact, they could cause… Read more »

3 Tips To Fight Oral Cancer

While there is a lot of misinformation out there about cancer and prevention – there are a few things we know for sure. First, to prevent (and fight) cancer, you’ll need a strong immune system. The best way to achieve that is to make sure you’re getting all of the proper nutrients each day. Next,… Read more »

What Causes You To Snore?

Snoring is common and doesn’t always indicate a health problem, however – it can definitely be annoying, especially if it’s keeping those around you awake throughout the night. When your snoring becomes persistently loud and disruptive, then it is often an indicator of a larger problem – a sleep disorder. This kind of snoring is… Read more »

How To Prepare For Oral Surgery

Any kind of surgery can seem scary, we know oral surgery is no different. Fortunately, unlike other surgeries, undergoing an extensive dental procedure is typically an outpatient procedure – meaning, you’ll get to go home afterwards. Knowing what you can expect before, during, and after your surgery can help you to prepare and quickly recover…. Read more »

Cruise Around The Sea Life Of California

Spring is officially here! The weather is finally going to start warming up, especially this week – it looks like the perfect time to cruise around the harbor of Long Beach, California. Only a short 30-minute drive away from Cerritos, CA – your family is sure to enjoy the afternoon filled with fun and a… Read more »

Sleep Apnea: Diagnosis & Treatment

Diagnosing sleep apnea, a sleep disorder that causes you to have breathing cessations while unconscious, involves undergoing a sleep study. However, the most obvious symptoms often occur during the sleep cycle – leading many sufferers to postpone doctor’s appointments or relay broad symptoms to their doctor that can indicate more common medical conditions. Even though… Read more »

Should Your Wisdom Teeth Be Extracted?

Believe it or not, there are more wisdom teeth that are removed than left in the mouth. There are many reasons behind this – but, it ultimately comes down to the damage they could cause to your oral health. Most people have at least one wisdom tooth (or third molar) – although, there are rare… Read more »

Sedation Dentistry: Comparing Your Options

If you find yourself postponing your dentist appointments because of your anxiety or fear – you could be a great candidate for sedation dentistry. Commonly referred to as “sleep” dentistry, the use of sedatives before (or during) your dental procedure can drastically increase your comfort level – sometimes even leading you to fall asleep. Your… Read more »

How Long Do Dental Implants Last?

Your healthy, natural teeth are typically meant to last for life with the right care and maintenance. While modern replacement teeth are more lifelike than they’ve ever been, most cannot mimic your teeth’s strength, stability, and integration with your jawbone and oral structures – except dental implants. Crafted from biocompatible titanium, dental implant posts are… Read more »

How Often Do You Floss?

Brushing your teeth isn’t the only part of practicing excellent oral hygiene – in fact, flossing is critical to remove bacteria from in between your teeth. When this bacteria (known as plaque) is left between your teeth, it has direct access to your gum tissue. Over time, plaque can harden and become tartar (a much… Read more »