Month: April 2017

What Else Happens In April: Facial Protection!

We have already provided you with a reminder that April is a month during which it’s time to focus on protecting yourself from oral cancer. Did you know that in addition to that topic, there’s another issue that receives national recognition regarding your oral health? Indeed! April is also National Facial Protection Month. Not familiar… Read more »

Oral Cancer Awareness Month: Time For Tips

While you might be able to think of other things to celebrate during the month of April that are a bit more lighthearted, we encourage you to take time to recognize it as Oral Cancer Awareness Month. In doing so, you will be reminded of the best approach to caring for your smile and preventing… Read more »

Springtime Q&A: Why Do My Teeth Hurt?

Have you recently noticed as spring has sprung that your teeth hurt? That you almost wish you could just pop them right out of place because of some serious pressure going on beneath them? If so, you may find yourself frantically worrying about whether you’ve suddenly experienced widespread decay or infection. While it’s always good… Read more »

Cracked Teeth: Do They Require Extractions?

If you notice a crack in your tooth, does that mean you need an immediate dental extraction? Not exactly. As you might have already guessed, there are many different types of cracks and injuries that your teeth may incur. Some, of course, are much more severe than others. While removing a tooth that we cannot… Read more »