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Simple Screenings For Your Peace Of Mind

Cancer Cerritos CA

Oral cancer may seem like something that is rare, and while it is infrequent, it is also very dangerous. Around half of the 43,000 people who will receive a diagnosis will perish from the disease within the following five years. As an aggressive form of cancer, it is important to catch this as soon as… Read more »

Oral Cancer Awareness Month: Time For Tips

While you might be able to think of other things to celebrate during the month of April that are a bit more lighthearted, we encourage you to take time to recognize it as Oral Cancer Awareness Month. In doing so, you will be reminded of the best approach to caring for your smile and preventing… Read more »

3 Tips To Fight Oral Cancer

While there is a lot of misinformation out there about cancer and prevention – there are a few things we know for sure. First, to prevent (and fight) cancer, you’ll need a strong immune system. The best way to achieve that is to make sure you’re getting all of the proper nutrients each day. Next,… Read more »

An Overview Of Oral Cancer Risks & Symptoms

The key to treating any cancer is early detection – the earlier you’re able to catch it, the easier it is to treat. However, this isn’t always possible. Many people are unaware of who is even at risk for a condition like oral cancer – let alone know the symptoms associated with the condition. Fortunately,… Read more »

How Do You Check For Oral Cancer?

Visiting your dentist throughout the year is crucial to your oral health – and not just because they professionally clean your teeth. When your dentist looks inside your mouth, they’re looking for things like infections or signs of oral cancer. How do you check for oral cancer? The exam your dentist performs is easy and… Read more »

Oral Cancer

Any disease, dental disease or otherwise, is always best caught in its earliest stages. In many cases, it is not only easier to control, but it may be reversible or completely eliminated. Take oral cancer for instance. In the United States a person dies from oral cancer every hour. That’s 24 people a day. Of… Read more »

Oral Cancer: Answering Your Questions

Do you spend time wondering if there’s something you could be doing differently to decrease your likelihood of experiencing oral cancer? Perhaps you know that it’s a serious problem but you’re not sure how you might go about monitoring your smile for this concern. When it comes to this type of cancer, it’s very important… Read more »

Oral Cancer: Pathways for Prevention

The idea of something not going quite right with your oral health is never an enjoyable thought. This is particularly true when it comes to protecting yourself against oral cancer – you know that action is the best solution for prevention but you’d probably rather not think about it. Unfortunately, if you ignore a problem… Read more »

Oral Cancer FAQs

Just talking about oral disease may cause you to feel anxious. While it is not necessarily something you want to talk about, you probably find that a variety of questions pass through your mind when someone mentions oral cancer. Rather than shying away from this significant topic, we encourage you to feel empowered through knowledge. Understanding… Read more »

Oral Pathology: Looking for Oral Cancer

Oral pathology specifically focuses on diseases—usually serious ones—that begin with or revolve around various oral tissues and structures. In some cases, this may involve severe periodontitis and the destruction of your teeth’s supportive tissues, while in others, it may involve functional issues in the jaw’s joints and muscles. Often, however, oral pathology is the route… Read more »