Month: May 2017

Oral Health: 3 Times Water Might Not Be Beneficial

Of course, choosing water as your beverage is always beneficial for your oral health. It is the great washer away of debris and bacteria, it’s neutral so it doesn’t hurt your teeth but protects them, and it won’t cause any type of staining! It keeps your body hydrated which, in turn, can help keep your… Read more »

Nitrous Oxide: A Quick Refresher

If you’re someone who doesn’t necessarily come in for dental care without a worry in the world, then you might also be someone who can benefit from nitrous oxide. While you may have heard of this type of dental sedation, you might not really know what to make of it. Is it something that could… Read more »

Prevention: 2 Reasons You Shouldn’t Underestimate The Details

You hear about preventive care all the time. You see ads for dental hygiene products everywhere you look. We tell you to schedule an oral examination every time you leave our practice because we want to see you in six months. While you hear about prevention consistently, we know that doesn’t mean you understand why… Read more »

Will I Eventually Need Implants?

You may think that it’s only a matter of time before you find yourself in need of a tooth replacement option like a dental bridge or dental implants. This is because you assume tooth loss is a natural result of the aging process. Is this the case you wonder? If so, how is it that… Read more »

Your Questions: Oral Surgery And Pain

One of the more common topics that comes up when we discuss oral surgery with our patients is: Pain. We know that the idea of receiving any type of dental care, particularly care that requires a surgical procedure, immediately causes you to wonder how it’s going to feel. Will it feel good? Bad? Somewhere in… Read more »