Month: April 2015

Reasons to Feel Confident About Oral Surgery

You may feel a bit concerned when we suggest oral surgery to protect your oral health. After all, this is certainly a bit more complicated than a simple dental filling. However, we would like to reassure you that we only recommend surgery when it becomes essential to protecting the short- and long-term health of your… Read more »

What Should I Do About My Missing Teeth?

Patients often come to us with spaces in their mouths as the result of a variety of causes. You may have suffered from periodontal disease, which left your jawbone too damaged to support your teeth and you are now ready to restore your smile. Some patients suffer accidental traumas or infections that result in the… Read more »

What Happens If I Break or Dislodge My Tooth?

Experiencing a sudden trauma to your tooth can be very frightening and may cause you to panic. Fortunately, there is no need to become overwhelmed in this situation. Whether you have broken your tooth or your tooth has become dislodged, we offer emergency care, so you can visit us even when a problem occurs off-the-clock. Even… Read more »

Sedation Dentistry: Test Your Knowledge

When it comes to making sure our patients feel at ease, we go above and beyond to create a relaxing environment and experience. We understand that not every patient who calls up to schedule an appointment feels comfortable doing so. Or, you may find that certain procedures cause you to feel uneasy. Fortunately, we offer… Read more »

Dental Bridge Basics: Your Questions

If you have a single open space in your mouth, you are probably not feeling your best about your smile. Feeling disappointed in your teeth can come in many forms. First, you may feel shy or embarrassed about allowing others to see your teeth, which can affect your ability to speak with friends and loved… Read more »

Tooth Extraction Aftercare: A Quiz

The idea of having your tooth removed because it is essential to protect your smile may not be the factor causing you concern. If you are hesitating to schedule your tooth extraction because you are worried about aftercare, we encourage you to understand that the process is not very complicated. In fact, we will provide… Read more »

Why Does My Head Hurt?

Headaches occur as the result of so many potential factors that patients often assume their discomfort is simply a fact of life. However, if you suffer from daily headaches, we encourage you to learn more about alleviating pain with options like replacing teeth with dental implants. Not sure how dental care could possibly affect the… Read more »

Can Dental Implants Keep You Looking Youthful?

Have you ever thought about the way your smile affects the way your entire face look? For instance, if you are missing even a single tooth, you may feel it causes you to look much older than you are – this only multiplies if you are missing several teeth or even all of your teeth…. Read more »

My Tooth Hurts. Now What?

In some cases, you may find that your tooth has become increasingly sensitive, so you do not feel surprised by your toothache. In other cases, a toothache may come on suddenly, which can cause you great distress. Like most oral concerns, pain in your tooth exists along a spectrum of intensity. If you are suffering… Read more »

Family Fun Day and Swimming

Do you love watching your little fish swim in the pool when the warmer weather approaches? Perhaps you enjoy swimming laps to stay in shape. Whether it’s you or your water baby who loves swimming, you will truly enjoy this upcoming Cerritos event. Gather up the crew and get ready for some splish-splashing fun.