Can Dental Implants Keep You Looking Youthful?

Have you ever thought about the way your smile affects the way your entire face look? For instance, if you are missing even a single tooth, you may feel it causes you to look much older than you are – this only multiplies if you are missing several teeth or even all of your teeth. Tooth loss can take quite a toll on your appearance in ways you may not fully understand just yet. To clear up any confusion you may have, it’s time to consider the significant ways dental implants may keep you looking youthful, so you can enjoy a beautiful, functional smile, while your appearance remains vibrant.

Enjoy A Complete Smile Long Term

You are probably aware that most dental prosthetics will not last for the rest of your life. When it comes to bridges and dentures, you will eventually need some sort of improvements or fixes. As far as keeping the spaces in your mouth filled, however, dental implants may last a lifetime. So, you can expect for your smile to look complete and lovely for years to come.

Keep Your Jaw Healthy

Most dental prosthetics do not replace your entire tooth. You may assume the fact that dental implants replace both your visible tooth and your roots is simply beneficial because of excellent stability. However, what you probably don’t know is that unlike any other prosthetics, implants help keep your jaw healthy. When you have your natural roots, they stimulate your jawbone, which ensures your jaw continually receives a stream of nutrients to keep it healthy enough to support its teeth. When your roots are gone, so is that stimulation. That is, until implants replace roots (and the stimulation process).

Avoiding jawbone deterioration means the lower structure of your face will remain full – keeping your lips from sinking in and your jaw from shrinking for a youthful appearance.


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