Ceramic Crowns

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Due to their durable nature, ceramic crowns may present a long-term option for creating a more beautiful smile.

What Makes Them Different?

A variety of ceramic crowns are available to fit particular cosmetic dentistry needs. Zirconia crowns, for example, are made of a translucent ceramic material. Because they are not opaque, this type of crown is well-suited for use as a simple cover, placed over stained or slightly damaged teeth. Your natural teeth are barely visible beneath, helping create a natural finish.

What Are Their Benefits?

Custom-designed ceramic crowns benefit your smile in several ways:

  • They can help restore the appearance of damaged or broken teeth.
  • Their look blends with your natural smile for a restored appearance.
  • They are a cost-effective means of covering teeth, improving your smile and the contour of your teeth when compared to other cosmetic dentistry treatments.

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