Bone Grafting

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Bone grafting is a procedure that helps restore deteriorated or destroyed bone tissue. Grafting, or the act of transplanting living tissue, allows for the replacement and extension of jawbone areas. The procedure involves moving healthy tissue from a variety of sources to the site in need of correction.

Why Do I Need Bone Grafting?

Deteriorated oral bones may damage the beauty and function of your smile and your facial structure’s support. These bones also support your teeth and surrounding tissues. When your bones lose density and diminish, your teeth may become loose and fall out, and your face may sag and sink in, resulting in an excessively aged appearance.

What Happens During Grafting?

We will choose which grafting material to use. Common sources include your own bone tissue or artificial tissue. The affected area will be numbed. We then carefully move the gums away from the teeth and bone and place the graft onto the affected site. The procedure is completed with sutures.

If guided tissue regeneration is chosen, we place a barrier over the bone tissue graft to prevent the gums from invading the site while it heals. This process protects the bone tissue and may aid in stimulating the growth of bone tissue.

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