Third Molars

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Third molars are often referred to as “wisdom teeth.” If they have yet to affect your oral health as an adult, you may be in the clear. While approximately five million people have them removed each year, some people simply never grow them.

When Will My Third Molars Develop?

An oral examination and x-rays can help determine if you have third molars or not. If you have them, you can expect them appear on x-rays by the age of 17. Just because they don’t erupt above the gum line doesn’t mean they’re not there. They could be growing in horizontally, which may cause damage to your teeth’s alignment. They may also become impacted. An impacted tooth either remains trapped beneath the bone or is covered with tissue and may be uncomfortable, leading to infection in some cases.

Do I Need Third Molar Tooth Extraction?

Whether you need wisdom teeth extraction or not is best determined by your dentist. For fully formed third molars that are difficult to clean, removal is an elective procedure that may help prevent cavities and other issues.

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