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We offer a variety of sedation dentistry options to help you remain calm and relaxed during your visit with us. Whether you are here for a routine teeth cleaning or oral surgery, we will help make your experience comfortable.

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is the use of sedatives to calm a patient during dental treatment. Often, patients are conscious and relaxed throughout a procedure and not asleep. We offer the following sedation options:

  • Nitrous oxide, often referred to as “laughing gas,” offers a calming effect while a patient is still conscious. The gas wears off immediately after a visit.
  • Oral sedation, which includes taking a calming pill, is considered a moderate form of sedation. Patients often feel sleepy and will need a friend or loved one to drive them home while the sedative wears off.
  • Oral sedation plus nitrous oxide offers just a bit more of a calming effect than oral sedation alone. This is well-suited to high-anxiety patients with a sensitive gag reflex who wish to avoid anesthesia.
  • IV sedation, a treatment administered intravenously, is the deepest sedation dentistry option. This is appropriate for patients with a severe phobia of dental visits.

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