Oral Cancer Treatment

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Treating oral cancer in its earliest stages yields the highest survival rate. Recognition is a two-part process. First, listen to your body and note any unusual or recurring problems. Second, schedule regular appointments for cleanings and examinations. Mentioning abnormalities in your oral health will help us monitor changes over time. In addition, we will look for any areas of concern during your regular visits. Because some issues are silent and produce little to no pain or discomfort, consistent visits act as a back-up form of early detection.

What Symptoms Might Occur?

If you have oral cancer, a growth is likely forming within your mouth or surrounding areas. Common symptoms of early stage oral cancer include sores in the mouth that bleed or fail to heal, red or white patches in the mouth or under the tongue, pain when swallowing, a consistently sore throat, and loosening teeth.

What Are My Treatment Options?

We will perform scans or biopsies to determine whether you have oral cancer. We will also move toward treatment options if you show pre-cancerous developments, to help prevent oral cancer. Treating it is considered a multidisciplinary program. This means that two or more approaches to removing and stopping the cancer may be necessary. Treatments typically include removing any tumors and the surrounding affected tissue, reconstructive procedures, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy.

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