All-on-Four Implant Dentistry

For those who are in need of a full-mouth renewal, dental implants are becoming a popular way to avoid the adhesives of the past. With an All-on-Four procedure, you have the opportunity to have a lasting prosthodontic repair for your entire smile. This solution uses a set number of implant posts to mount a full set of dentures that connect directly to your mouth. When you need to make a change, talk to Cerritos Dental Surgery about how implant-retained dentures help!

Implant-Retained Dentures Take Advantage Of The Same Scientific Principles

If you are familiar with the process of placing a dental implant, then you have a great start in understanding how an All-on-Four restoration works. This method uses a set number of implant posts to hold a full-mouth prosthetic, giving you a sturdier smile than is achievable with traditional dentures.

This term gets its name from the number of posts typically required per jaw, with four implant posts for your top teeth and four for the bottom set. Talk to your dentist to learn about the specific needs of your smile, as you might require more posts to achieve a strong connection.

An All-on-Four Procedure Brings You Distinct Benefits Over Traditional Dentures

You may have existing dentures that fit, and if so, there are still advantages to be had with an All-on-Four solution. These prosthetics do not cover the roof of your mouth, which can keep your smile cleaner and help you to avoid gagging on your existing prosthetic. With implant-retained dentures, you can also take a positive step in avoiding future bone loss in your jaw.

Transition To Implant-Retained Dentures With Cerritos Dental Surgery

When you need a replacement of your entire set of teeth, talk to our team about whether an All-on-Four procedure is the right fit for your smile. Set aside some time for a consultation at our office in Cerritos, CA, and discover the benefits of an implant-retained denture. To learn more about the process, give us a call at Cerritos Dental Surgery at (562)584-4082 today!