Month: November 2022

Get The Best From Your Natural Smile

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The ideal within dentistry is to keep the things that are going well as healthy and strong as possible. For this reason, extractions are seen as a last resort. Ultimately, it is usually best to strengthen your existing biological tissue. Patients can often feel this way as well. While they may wish to alter some… Read more »

Keep These Simple Emergency Rules In Mind

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This time of year, there is a higher likelihood of a dental emergency. We are more anxious due to the stress of the season, which can often include travel. Vacation itself can lead to an elevated risk of a broken or displaced tooth. We are on edge and in areas where we are less familiar…. Read more »

Give Yourself The Gift Of A Great Smile!

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This time of year, we focus on others. It is a beautiful season that gives us the opportunity to show our loved ones how much they mean to us. But in that, we may sometimes let ourselves take a step back as a priority. But now may be the perfect time for you to invest… Read more »

New Stability For Your Jaw

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Grafting is a fascinating process in which biological material can take hold and thrive within your mouth. Oral surgeons use this form of procedure regularly within the dental profession, in multiple kinds of tissue. Primarily, this builds up areas where your natural biological material is lacking, due to infection or a process known as reabsorption…. Read more »

Regain Your Confidence In A Strong Smile!

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One of the most frustrating aspects of oral health concerns is its instability. When you have trouble within your mouth, it might seem that each bite is a possibility for disaster. And if you are favoring one side of the mouth, it may lead to extra wear in that area. Like with a set of… Read more »

Find Health Security In A Gum Restoration

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One of the most common problems that are affecting American mouths is the infection and inflammation of our gum tissue. This condition is known as periodontal disease, and it is found in at least 47% of adult mouths in this country over the age of thirty. It begins as gingivitis, which may show as redness… Read more »

Great Ways To Invest In Your Smile

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In dentistry, the best approaches include proper planning and information. Appropriate knowledge can allow for the restoration and improvement of your smile not only in the immediate, but with the longer term goals in mind. By taking the time to consider the appropriate path forward for your oral health, we can help you look and… Read more »

Get A Better Night’s Sleep

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Sleep disorders affect many Americans, and often these instances progress without a diagnosis for years or even decades. Some of these affect our jaw in ways that you might not even think. Issues such as snoring might be a symptom of the larger concern of sleep apnea. This is the momentary pause of breath while… Read more »

We Want To Know Your Goals!

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Cosmetic dentistry is a topic that may feel a little embarrassing for some. We have been conditioned to believe that the term refers to unnecessary procedures, rather than a serious health benefit. Patients might also be less likely to discuss the subject, either with their peers or even with trusted health professionals! But it is… Read more »

Sick? Keep Your Oral Health In Mind

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It’s beginning to be the time of the year where viruses like the flu and the common cold start popping up left and right. If you have children or are around people for your career, it may seem nearly impossible to avoid the sniffles from time to time. We know that this can have serious… Read more »