Month: September 2017

3 Slip-Related Problems You Won’t Experience With Implants

Have you ever experienced a slip-related problem with your smile prosthetic? If you’re wearing any type of denture that relies on traditional support, then the answer is probably a resounding, “Yes!” This type of concern can really begin to get in the way of your daily life. Rather than feeling comfortable, you find that you’re… Read more »

Implants: 3 Candidacy Stumbling Blocks

Sometimes, qualifying for dental implants is very easy. Other times, there are some obstacles that can come up, which might make the process a bit more complicated and time-consuming. The good news to consider is that there are usually solutions that we can rely on to knock those stumbling blocks out of the way. Not… Read more »

Stop Smoking: A Few Very Good Reasons

If you are someone who has smoked for only a short while, you may think that you still have time to quit before any serious side effects occur. If you have smoked for what feels like a long time, you may feel it’s been so long that it is not worth quitting. The truth is,… Read more »

Dental Implants Q&A: They’re Extremely Resilient!

Yes, it’s true: Your dental implants are extremely resilient. They cannot withstand anything that comes their way but they can most certainly provide you with the daily function you need. That is, they’ll stick around for many years and you don’t even have to worry about them. Not sure you believe us? Try out our… Read more »