Implants: 3 Candidacy Stumbling Blocks

Sometimes, qualifying for dental implants is very easy. Other times, there are some obstacles that can come up, which might make the process a bit more complicated and time-consuming. The good news to consider is that there are usually solutions that we can rely on to knock those stumbling blocks out of the way. Not sure what you can expect? A few common issues will broaden your scope of this concern.

#1: Jaw Health Concerns

Your jaw is the part of your smile that will support the dental implants that you would like to replace your missing roots. The implant needs to be able to bond with a sufficient and healthy amount of jaw tissue. If health of this tissue is a problem, you may need to select another replacement or we may need to discuss bone grafting.

#2: Smoking

Just because you are a smoker does not mean you won’t be able to become a candidate for dental implants. However, it is possible that you may need to stop your use of tobacco and nicotine products completely before placement and for some time after to promote implants that can successfully be placed and a smile that can heal.

#3: Health Problems

If you are going to receive dental implants, that means you’re going to undergo surgery. As you know, it’s important that you are in good enough physical health to go through a surgical procedure. If there is a problem, by working with your general practitioner, it is possible to address issues with your health in order to ensure you’re fit to receive implants. Or, we may be able to recommend other options for smile completion.

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