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Aligning Your Smile: Why You’re Seeing An Oral Surgeon

When you venture into the world of orthodontics to get your smile sorted out, so it’s straight and beautiful, you might not recognize that it can become quite the journey. For some issues, you’ll only need to see your orthodontist. However, in some cases, such as when overcrowding is your concern, you just might need… Read more »

Wisdom Teeth: Are Dental Extractions A Given?

So, you are just getting around to finding out how your wisdom teeth are doing. If you’re an adult, then you may wonder if you should have had dental extractions already. Then, with that in mind, you may start wondering if everyone needs these third molars removed no matter what or if perhaps there are some… Read more »

Treat Your Smile With Tooth Extraction

The idea of losing a tooth can be quite a bit to wrap your head around, especially when it’s to help the rest of your teeth. In some cases, tooth extraction can greatly improve your oral health. How can removing a tooth improve your oral health? What’s involved in the process? What can your dentist… Read more »

Cracked Teeth: Do They Require Extractions?

If you notice a crack in your tooth, does that mean you need an immediate dental extraction? Not exactly. As you might have already guessed, there are many different types of cracks and injuries that your teeth may incur. Some, of course, are much more severe than others. While removing a tooth that we cannot… Read more »

When You Need Post-Extraction Replacement

For many patients, there’s some confusion regarding whether or not a dental extraction will lead to the need for tooth replacement. The answer can be “yes” or it can be “no” depending on the reason for your extraction. Not sure you know if the tooth you need removed is essential to your bite, balance, beauty,… Read more »

Calming Concerns: Tooth Extractions

When it comes to dental care, there is only one treatment that includes the removal of your tooth. As a result, you may find that you have a very unique response (and set of questions) that arises when you learn you need a tooth extraction. While we understand that it may feel a bit overwhelming… Read more »

When Is a Tooth Extraction the Answer? Part Two

Have you grown concerned that you have a serious tooth infection? Did you suffer a trauma to a tooth, and now it is broken? There are a number of reasons your restorative dentist might recommend a tooth extraction, though it is important to keep in mind that most dentists will suggest an extraction only if… Read more »

When Is a Tooth Extraction the Answer? Part One

Few, if any, patients want to hear from their dentist that they require an extraction. A tooth extraction can seem a scary prospect, particularly if you are unfamiliar with how the procedure works or how your smile will look or function after the removal of the tooth or teeth. Fortunately, a skilled oral surgeon can… Read more »

How Much Do You Know About Tooth Extraction?

Extracting a tooth might not seem like the most appealing prospect. Nevertheless, given the prevalence of severe dental issues and trauma, tooth extraction remains a vital procedure for patients with one or more teeth that are beyond saving. Still, preventing the need to remove the tooth in the first place is preferable, and understanding tooth… Read more »

When Should I Start Worrying About Wisdom Teeth?

“Wisdom teeth” is the common, informal name for your third set of permanent molars, and they are often associated with a number of dental health complications. As the last teeth to erupt, wisdom teeth do not typically become problematic until early adulthood, and for some patients, the molars may never cause any trouble at all…. Read more »