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Performing A Safe Tooth Extraction

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Learning that one of your teeth requires a removal procedure can be quite surprising. After all, when you attend the dentist your main priority is maintaining the overall health of each member of your smile. But when your dentist recommends performing an extraction, it is generally because more conservative treatments to save the tooth will… Read more »

Safely Removing One Of Your Teeth

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If your dentist recommends extracting one of your teeth, you may initially feel alarmed. This is understandable as you would like to preserve as many of these structures that will not regrow after removal! You may hesitate when thinking about your comfort throughout the procedure or the process of recovery. Please do not let these… Read more »

When Your Dentist Recommends Tooth Extraction

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The suggestion to remove one of your natural teeth is sometimes met with hesitancy. After all, the goal of other oral health procedures is to preserve as much healthy part of your tooth as possible. Treatments such as dental crowns and fillings support your structure after physical trauma or decay, but sometimes an injury is… Read more »

Dependably Performing Your Tooth Extraction

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It can surprise you when your dentist recommends extracting one of your natural teeth. This is a normal feeling because you have a limited number that will not regrow after removing them. You may have questions about your comfort during the procedure or wonder about the difficulty of recovery. Although these concerns are legitimate, they… Read more »

When You Need To Extract A Tooth

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When certain problems with your teeth are discovered early enough, the services required to treat them create minimal alterations to the natural structure. To preserve the appearance of healthy teeth, you may only need a minor restoration such as a dental crown or dental filling. This is because the goal of your oral surgeon is… Read more »

When It Is Time To Remove A Tooth

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It can make you feel somewhat nervous to move forward when it is time to receive a full tooth extraction. Afterall, the goal of other oral health procedures is often to leave as much healthy tissue in the remaining natural structure as possible. Dental fillings and crowns are created in a conservative manner to preserve… Read more »

The Importance Of Effective Tooth Extraction

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When oral health problems are caught in time, the services needed to address them are often able to minimize any permanent changes to tooth structure. While you may require a dental filling or dental crown for a problem tooth, you still preserve your complete, confident smile. Unfortunately, there are times when treatment will include the… Read more »

When Our Wisdom Teeth Erupt

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Teens and young adults have one last set of molars, and these often pose problems in their growth. These third molars, also known as wisdom teeth, are an evolutionary remnant from times past. Our mouths used to be larger and stronger to bite through raw meat. But our faces have become slimmer and our need… Read more »

Simple Tips For Your Extraction

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If your dentist has brought up the possibility of an extraction, take that discussion very seriously. The removal of a full tooth structure from the socket is not a surgery that dentists take lightly. But in many instances, it is the right procedure in order to maintain the integrity of your oral health. It is… Read more »

Wisdom Teeth Can Harm Your Smile

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The worst possible time to have to deal with a dental emergency is when you are already at your most self-conscious. Unfortunately, that is when your wisdom teeth are most likely to grow. These evolutionary holdovers seem to only come up in conversation whenever they pose problems, so why do we have them in the… Read more »