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Sick? Keep Your Oral Health In Mind

Sick Cerritos CA

It’s beginning to be the time of the year where viruses like the flu and the common cold start popping up left and right. If you have children or are around people for your career, it may seem nearly impossible to avoid the sniffles from time to time. We know that this can have serious… Read more »

Children Don’t Have To Hate Brushing

Kids Cerritos CA

All parents know the struggle that can come alongside trying to coax an unenthused child to take care of their oral health at night. No matter what the emotion, it seems to overwhelm the desire to brush. With their imaginations, absolutely anything can be more exciting than taking care of their teeth. For that reason,… Read more »

Surprising Ties Between Illness And Your Beautiful Smile

Health Cerritos CA

The link between your oral and your overall health is undeniable. And we are learning more each day about new ways that our mouths have links to other areas of our body. We see this in numerous different areas, but our connection to our cardiac health may be the strongest we have seen so far…. Read more »

Schedule Your Children’s Checkups Today!

School Cerritos CA

Believe it or not, summer is on its way out. As the days start to get a little shorter and those hot days become a bit less unbearable, it also means that the kids will be heading back to school soon. With that, it makes now a perfect time to schedule routine checkups for both… Read more »

3 Reasons To Treat Dry Mouth

You may suffer from dry mouth but not realize that it’s leading to serious problems for your oral health. Yes, it’s annoying and a little uncomfortable, but did you know that it can threaten a long list of aspects of your smile, from dental work to the way your breath smells? If you think this… Read more »

Is Your Nightly Care On Point?

As much as the actions you take during the day affect your oral health in significant ways, they’re not offering the full support your smile needs to avoid problems that can lead to disease and missing teeth. What you may overlook is that you’ll only get mileage out of daily care if you’re good about… Read more »

“Behind” The Scenes Contributors To Oral Health Problems

Just because you know we are here to help you by offering oral surgery, emergency dentistry, tooth replacements, and more doesn’t mean that you should just give up on your oral health care plans. True, we can save your smile when something goes wrong. However, it’s always easiest to make sure everything is going right,… Read more »

3 Oral Surgery Obstacles And Solutions

What’s keeping you from coming in to see us to discuss oral surgery that you need and to go ahead and move forward? If you ever feel as though you are the only one faced with frustrating obstacles, remember: There are many patients that we see facing the same or very similar roadblocks. The good… Read more »

Oral Symptoms: 3 Things To Remember

The thing about noticing symptoms in your mouth is that it doesn’t always do you a whole lot of good to try to figure them out. You might convince yourself that a problem is nothing at all (which can cause you serious stress down the line). You might convince yourself that nothing at all is… Read more »

The Real Deal: Resolutions 2018 Edition

January isn’t here yet. Don’t worry, we don’t want to rush you through the holidays, when you’re having fun, feeling cozy, and aren’t really feeling too intent on focusing on your oral health! However, we’d like to offer up an easy way to approach your resolutions for your smile when the time does arrive (and… Read more »