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Proven Relief For Painful Smiles

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For those experiencing tooth pain or dentin sensitivity, the discomfort can be absolutely unbearable. When you are unsure of the cause, it can lead to even more frustration, as you feel helpless, as well. But it’s important to know that this is a very common concern, and you don’t have to live with this struggle… Read more »

Simple Ways To Prepare For Any Emergency

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No matter how much we take care of our smiles, there is always the possibility of a catastrophe. We risk car accidents daily, or even a clumsy slip over a set of stairs can leave our smile broken on the ground. The best thing for you to do is to be ready in this situation,… Read more »

Prepare Yourself For A Dental Emergency

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Nobody expects an emergency to happen with their mouth, and even the thought can send shudders down your spine. But sometimes the errant baseball comes your way, or you happen to be in a car accident. With only a few simple things to keep in mind, you can save yourself time and money in the… Read more »

Summertime Surprises: Avoid Emergencies With Important Tips

There are some good summertime surprises that you can look forward to, of course, like a perfect day with perfect weather that just happens to show up! Then, there are those not-so-welcome surprises that translate into a dental emergency. Gather up our tips and remember them, so you can skip the trauma and make the… Read more »

Emergency Dental Visits: Things You Can’t Predict

Of course, when it comes to emergency dental care, there are lots and lots of things you cannot predict. Otherwise, you would have already set up a visit and come in to see us about your smile. Today, we would like to talk about some possible moments you may require urgent care that you’ve never… Read more »

Yes, These Qualify As Dental Emergencies!

You may find that when you are having a problem with your smile that seems to require an immediate visit with us, you don’t lunge for the phone and call. Instead, you start worrying that even though you feel like you could really use emergency dental care, you don’t know if your problem is actually… Read more »

Emergency Dental Care: Holiday Edition

Particularly if you’re someone who likes to look on the bright side, the last thing you want to think about during the holidays is something that will require emergency dental care. After all, why think about a possible broken tooth, when you can be thinking about all the delicious foods and desserts you get to… Read more »

Are You Ready To Contact Your Emergency Dentist?

Of course, if you end up with a sudden oral injury or find yourself in severe pain, you will feel ready to pick up the phone and call us. However, that does not necessarily mean you’ve done any of the prep work that can ensure your experience with visiting your emergency dentist is a smooth… Read more »

3 Risks Of Avoiding Emergency Dental Care

When you find yourself in need of emergency dental care but you end up talking yourself out of it, you may be putting yourself in harm’s way. Beyond the problem or damage that has already occurred, complications can quickly arise that may become moderate to severe, which means choosing care is always the right choice…. Read more »

Do You Have Questions About Emergency Dentistry?

Have you ever experienced a dental emergency? We consider any pain or damage to the mouth, teeth, or gums to be a dental emergency and urge you to visit us as soon as possible. However, should the issue be potentially life threatening we recommend calling 911 or proceeding to the nearest emergency room. Do you… Read more »