Month: September 2016

Quiz: Sleep Apnea’s Long-Term Effects

Do you feel some urgency to come in for sleep apnea treatment but not enough to schedule a visit immediately? Are you curious about why we seem so serious about your need to begin treatment as soon as you can? What you may be overlooking is the fact that sleep apnea does not only bring… Read more »

Oral Surgery: Who, What, Where…?

When you find out that you should schedule oral surgery to improve the health of your smile, you may find this sends your mind reeling. Why do you need surgery? Is this going to be a convenient thing or something that makes your life more complex, you wonder? Fortunately, coming in for this type of… Read more »

After Tooth Loss: Why You Shouldn’t Give Up

Do you feel like you’ve lost some of your get-up-and-go after experiencing tooth loss? We understand that it can be very challenging to spring back from losing a tooth or multiple teeth. However, you will be happy to find out it’s something that happens to people every single day, both men and women, and to… Read more »

Gum Health And Dental Implant Failure

Have you ever spent time trying to figure out how a dental implant can fail? Are you someone who likes to receive as many details as possible, so you understand the behind-the-scenes way things work, rather than simply receiving some superficial information? If so, you may be curious about how your gum health can affect… Read more »

Away-From-Home Sleep Apnea Treatment

So, you’re planning a business trip, a vacation, a quick trip for fun! You’re headed to a wedding and plan on staying the night at a relative or friend’s house! You need to babysit your brother’s kids while Mom and Dad are out of town just for the night! There are a lot of things… Read more »