Oral Surgery: Who, What, Where…?

When you find out that you should schedule oral surgery to improve the health of your smile, you may find this sends your mind reeling. Why do you need surgery? Is this going to be a convenient thing or something that makes your life more complex, you wonder? Fortunately, coming in for this type of treatment is one of the best moves you can make to quickly get your oral health back on track. As for the details that you are not yet certain about, consider our “Who, What, Where, When, Why?” approach to helping you sort out the specifics.


This specialized field of care is ideal for anyone who requires treatment for complex concerns, such as problematic wisdom teeth, jaw health problems, or otherwise. When you need tissue physically removed, for instance, this requires surgery.


Oral surgery is a specialized field within dentistry that becomes necessary for patients whose oral health problems have surpassed restorative dental care. Maybe you need a tooth removed, your jawbone has deteriorated and you need bone grafting, or you require gum grafting because your gum tissue is uneven. Surgery fits the bill!


We offer you a comprehensive selection of oral surgery services all within our practice. That means a lot of convenience. For instance, perhaps you are planning on receiving implants but first need bone grafting. You will come to us for both!


If you require oral surgery, the best time to schedule a visit is immediately. The longer you wait on problems that require a surgical procedure, the more time you provide for complications to arise. The sooner we operate, the sooner you can regain complete oral health.


Serious dental concerns will not heal or repair themselves. In general, issues that require surgery bring with them the chance of additional problems or pain. Addressing the issue will ensure your quality of life returns to normal.