Month: November 2017

Your Oral Surgeon’s December Tips

When you’re looking for answers about your smile care needs, it’s often a wise decision to come in to see your oral surgeon. Perhaps you are already aware of what you need but you’re having a hard time with getting started. Maybe you know you need something to improve and protect the state of your… Read more »

Dental Sedation 1, 2, 3: When, Why, How?

Many dental visits take place without the need for sedation. New patient visits, twice-yearly exams and cleanings, and cosmetic consultations are just a few examples of visits that often do not involve sedation. However, there may be times we will discuss sedations options with you, or you may want to bring up sedation topics in… Read more »

Emergency Dental Care: Holiday Edition

Particularly if you’re someone who likes to look on the bright side, the last thing you want to think about during the holidays is something that will require emergency dental care. After all, why think about a possible broken tooth, when you can be thinking about all the delicious foods and desserts you get to… Read more »

Holidays: 3 Steps Toward A Magical Season

Every day comes and goes, we make lists of the things we need to get done, and we usually have a fairly consistent sense of how much time we have. However, as you know, when the holiday season shows up, that intuitive sense of time tends to fly out the window. There are suddenly many… Read more »

Q&A: Your Electric Toothbrush Questions

Perhaps you have oral surgery coming up and you’re wondering if you’ll still be able to use your electric toothbrush after your procedure. Maybe you have replaced teeth with a dental bridge and you don’t know if it’s safe to use a powered brush on the device. Then again, maybe you’re wondering if using this… Read more »