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Get A Better Night’s Sleep

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Sleep disorders affect many Americans, and often these instances progress without a diagnosis for years or even decades. Some of these affect our jaw in ways that you might not even think. Issues such as snoring might be a symptom of the larger concern of sleep apnea. This is the momentary pause of breath while… Read more »

Comfort In A Reliable Protection For Your Jaw

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One of the most dangerous times in our oral health is while we are sleeping. If you forget to brush your teeth before bed, you allow hours worth of damage to go unhindered, for instance. There is simply a large amount of time while we are unconscious, and therefore cannot protect ourselves in the same… Read more »

Useful Help For Overnight Concerns

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Many people have unconscious behaviors that seem to express themselves especially at night. Your jaw is one of the primary areas where our brain often controls without our express desire. This means that while you sleep, you could be doing serious harm to your smile, and in turn, your overall health. The act of grinding… Read more »

Relief Now With Custom Guards

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Many people grind their teeth in their sleep. When this condition becomes serious, it can cause major damage to your oral health. Bruxism, or the term for this unconscious movement, can wear down your teeth. This can lead to both cosmetic and dental issues that will need addressing with a separate procedure. This can also… Read more »