Month: December 2016

Sudden Symptoms And What To Do

Perhaps you suddenly feel a bump in your mouth. Maybe something hurts. Perhaps you experience some minor bleeding. From very little issues to seemingly large concerns, the sudden onset of symptoms can be quite alarming. Rather than feel like you’re not sure where to turn or what to do, we strongly encourage you to remain… Read more »

Wishing You Great Oral Health And Happy Holidays!

Yes, when you receive greetings for a happy holiday weekend from us, your dental surgery practice, you’re going to get a mixture of well wishes and a quick note about oral health … it simply comes with the territory! Since you’ll have a bit of time for reflection over the weekend, we encourage you to… Read more »

Planning Your Kids’ Wisdom Teeth Removal

For many parents, it’s not figuring out insurance details or wondering if their children do or don’t need wisdom teeth removal that causes stress. It’s the planning of the experience that causes the most frustration. In addition to needing time to come into our practice for third molar extractions, you also need to consider rescheduling… Read more »

3 Tips For Sleep Apnea During Holiday Time

You know, of course, that the most important tip for sleep apnea over the holidays is to remain as consistent as you can with your sleep apnea treatment. Translation: No matter what, make sure you wear it every night (and remember to pack it if you’re traveling). What you might overlook, however, is that there… Read more »

Fast Facts: Using Your 2016 Insurance Benefits!

We understand that thinking about anything other than holiday-inspired desserts, gifts for loved ones, tinsel-covered decorations, twinkling lights, and festive parties can become extremely difficult (and not very fun) this time of year. However, it is 100 percent to your benefit to take just a moment away from the merriment to consider what’s going on… Read more »