Month: February 2017

Q&A: Helping You Feel A-OK About A Biopsy

We know that scheduling a biopsy for your oral health can cause you to feel uneasy. We know, as well, that you might have a lot of questions running through your mind. So many, in fact, that you might hesitate to schedule this necessary visit. As a result, we would love to answer the frequent… Read more »

3 Risks Of Avoiding Emergency Dental Care

When you find yourself in need of emergency dental care but you end up talking yourself out of it, you may be putting yourself in harm’s way. Beyond the problem or damage that has already occurred, complications can quickly arise that may become moderate to severe, which means choosing care is always the right choice…. Read more »

Tired Of Dentures, Not Ready For Implants?

When you’re tired of wearing your partial dentures because you would like more stability but you are not ready to move onto dental implants, you may feel a bit stuck. What to do now, you wonder to yourself? Fortunately, we offer a nice middle-of-the-road choice. Individuals under these circumstances may be able to rely on… Read more »

3 Things That Go Away When You Choose Implants

Have you been trying to figure out why you would choose dental implants over other tooth replacement solutions for your smile? You may think to yourself, a dental bridge requires a less expensive investment. Dentures don’t require any type of surgery. So, is it really that worthwhile to ditch the other options and instead, opt… Read more »