3 Things That Go Away When You Choose Implants

Have you been trying to figure out why you would choose dental implants over other tooth replacement solutions for your smile? You may think to yourself, a dental bridge requires a less expensive investment. Dentures don’t require any type of surgery. So, is it really that worthwhile to ditch the other options and instead, opt for implants that will require a bit more money, oral surgery, and a longer recovery time? Well, when you consider a few things that will no longer get in the way of your life, you’ll see why many decide that implants are the best option out there. Remember, the decision is a very personal one, so there’s no right or wrong answer!

#1: Denture Adhesive

Are you a denture wearer? If so, you may be someone for whom denture adhesive has become a regular part of your life. This may suit you and work just fine. Or, it may be something you find to be a nuisance because it is only somewhat successful, because you don’t like the texture, and because you’re tired of the inconvenience and additional cost. As dental implants are implanted into your jaw tissue, there’s no need for extra products.

#2: Worries About Slippage Or Damage

About that adhesive issue: Whether you wear a bridge or denture, you may be accustomed to having some trouble with your teeth replacement devices not exactly providing you with the level of stability you want. Or, you may deal with occasional damage that leaves you in need of a repair. These types of worries also disappear with dental implants. The implants bond with your jawbone, so they are stable as the day is long.

#3: Diet Restrictions

Since worries about stability disappear when you choose dental implants, so do diet restrictions. The foods that you have been avoiding because you need the strength and stability of a complete tooth to break them down will be something you can reintroduce into your daily life.