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How And Why We Extract Teeth

cerritos tooth extraction

When a tooth cannot be treated with a crown, then removal could prevent the tooth from spreading infection and causing major complications. Our team can conduct a tooth extraction with comfort and precision, safeguarding your smile. In today’s blog, your Cerritos, CA, oral surgeon talks about the process of extracting teeth.  

Replacing Your Lost Tooth With A Dental Bridge

cerritos dental bridge

When you lose a tooth, you shouldn’t feel embarrassed or try to hide your smile. Instead, you can seek a replacement option that fills the gaps and preserve the function and beauty of your smile. In today’s blog, your Cerritos, CA, dentist’s office can discuss how we create and place a custom and lifelike dental… Read more »

Providing Comfort When Your Mouth Is In Pain

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What steps should you take when you have pain in your mouth? Because this symptom can indicate a serious concern with your oral health, waiting for the pain to resolve on its own can allow an underlying problem to become worse. An issue with tooth decay or infection in your tooth could cause more harm… Read more »

Treatment For Your Dental Discomfort

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What should you do when you experience dental pain? When you wait for the pain to go away on its own, underlying issues with tooth decay or infection risk expanding in scope and requiring more invasive treatment. This can have an unintended effect such as eventually needing a tooth extraction when a more conservative solution… Read more »

Ceramic Crowns Can Protect Your Teeth

Your teeth are miraculous structures that withstand hundreds of pounds of force from the daily rigors of biting and chewing. They derive their strength from solid minerals composed of hard layers of enamel. When these layers are threatened by injury or tooth decay, the tooth can become impaired. Cracks in the teeth or total tooth… Read more »

Regain Your Confidence In A Strong Smile!

Strong Cerritos CA

One of the most frustrating aspects of oral health concerns is its instability. When you have trouble within your mouth, it might seem that each bite is a possibility for disaster. And if you are favoring one side of the mouth, it may lead to extra wear in that area. Like with a set of… Read more »

A Strong And Beautiful Crown’s Impact

Ceram Cerritos CA

There are a few different reasons as to why you need to have restorative dentistry. Physical trauma can break or chip a tooth, and leave the interior fleshy portion exposed to the open air. This can sometimes lead to an additional concern, which is that of bacterial infection. When outside organisms can reach within our… Read more »

Custom Smile Enhancement Can Be Simple

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People can often be overwhelmed with the mere concept of cosmetic oral procedures, and it is an understandable thing. Our mouths are very precious to us, and we need to trust both the dentist and the strategy of the procedure. If either one of those beliefs are shaken, it might cause anxiety. But the advancement… Read more »

How Do Root Canals Work, Really?

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If you have cracked your tooth, or if a cavity has become so deep that it has eaten through to the interior, then you might require a root canal. And there is a lot of stigma surrounding the procedure. From movies and tv, we imagine them to be painful, excruciating experiences. And while oral surgery… Read more »

The Miracle World Of Veneers

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The development of porcelain veneers is one of the most amazing advancements of the last hundred years. With this technology we are able to craft entirely new smiles without affecting the biological structures beneath the gumline. Or we can repair a cracked or broken tooth with a durable and realistic prosthetic. Today, your Cerritos, CA… Read more »