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Why See Us Immediately For Damaged Dental Work

One day, your crown, dental bridge, dental implant, etc., isn’t something you think about at all. It’s been in place for a while, you use your smile every day, and you just go about your life. Then, suddenly, you notice something feels … different. Perhaps you noticed the moment it happened when you bit into… Read more »

Summer’s Here: Time To Schedule A Visit

Summer officially begins in just under a week, which means you’ve got several days (but no more than that) to decide how you’ll spend this upcoming season. If yours isn’t packed with a million things to do (after all, it’s generally looked at as the most luxurious part of the year regarding free time) then… Read more »

In-Depth Oral Examinations for Better Dental Health

Effective general dental care relies heavily on routine examinations that allow your dentist to inspect your teeth, gums, and oral tissues for signs of developing issues. Through your regular checkups, you can reduce your risks of tooth decay and gum disease, as well as the need for restorative dental care to address them. By contrast,… Read more »

Blood Drive in Cerritos

Sometimes the most enjoyable event you plan is one that helps others. If you’re looking for a way to give back to the community – and the world at large – take some time to visit your local blood drive put on by the American Red Cross.

How to Stop Facial Collapse Following Tooth Loss

The reason why restorative and oral surgery procedures are often necessary is because, in most cases, damage to your teeth and oral structures is permanent. Sometimes, the effects of an issue can continue long after you’ve treated it. For instance, tooth loss can affect the health of your jawbone and remaining teeth even if you… Read more »

How Dental Surgery Can Help You

Unlike dental checkups and cleanings, which you should attend consistently, you might never have a need for dental surgery. When it comes to your dental health (like with your general health), dental surgery is only called for when a routine dental treatment will not suffice. Depending on your exact needs, such circumstances may include removing… Read more »

Time for Wisdom Teeth Removal: Your FAQs

You may feel confident that you will need wisdom teeth removal to protect your oral health at some point in your life – but when is the right time? Are you supposed to just wake up one morning and decide that now is a good time to call us up to schedule your teeth removal,… Read more »

Cone Beam Imaging Is Transforming Dentistry

Dr. Shawn Hofkes is dedicated to using the latest technology to make your dental treatment more precise, efficient, and comfortable. We now offer cone beam dental imaging at our Cerritos, CA practice. This advanced type of x-ray is a recent development in dental technology, but it is already transforming the way dentists approach oral surgery,… Read more »

Four Goals of Every Dental Visit

No two patients are alike and no two visits to the dental office are the same. Yet, for the endless variety of the dental care experience, your dentist has four goals that he and his staff try to fulfill at every appointment: 1. Make Your Mouth Healthier The human mouth is an intricate system of… Read more »

How to Qualify for Dental Implants If You’re Jaw’s Less than Perfect

If you lost a permanent tooth in an adolescent accident or if you’ve been wearing dentures for years, you might be concerned that replacing that missing tooth with a dental implant might be beyond your reach. After all, a few quick searches on dental implant websites indicate that poor jawbone density (a common side effect… Read more »