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Dealing with Dental Anxiety

The idea of going to the dentist can fill some people with dread. For some, this is a manageable anxiety which doesn’t interfere with their oral maintenance. For others, the discomfort is so great that they will avoid getting necessary dental care, even at the risk of causing existing oral issues to worsen.  At Cerritos… Read more »

Using Dental Sedation To Create A Better Patient Experience

Your comfort during any dental treatment is important. Feelings of anxiety or unease can lead to an unpleasant experience, and make a person hesitant to seek out future dental treatments. Modern dental practices can provide a more patient-friendly experience, even during more involved dental work. With that said, some discomfort can stem from a person’s… Read more »

Dental Sedation 1, 2, 3: When, Why, How?

Many dental visits take place without the need for sedation. New patient visits, twice-yearly exams and cleanings, and cosmetic consultations are just a few examples of visits that often do not involve sedation. However, there may be times we will discuss sedations options with you, or you may want to bring up sedation topics in… Read more »

IV Sedation Q&A: Is It For Me?

Are you ready for dental care but you’re stuck with one last question: Is IV sedation for me? Truth be told, we’ll have to talk with you about dental sedation to find out if the IV route is, in fact, going to work wonders for you or if perhaps you should go in a different… Read more »

Nitrous Oxide: A Quick Refresher

If you’re someone who doesn’t necessarily come in for dental care without a worry in the world, then you might also be someone who can benefit from nitrous oxide. While you may have heard of this type of dental sedation, you might not really know what to make of it. Is it something that could… Read more »

3 Facts About IV Sedation

Learning about dental sedation will bring up a lot of questions. Of course, you want to choose the best solution to address your dental anxiety or to help you peacefully make it through a procedure you’re not too excited about. While we will be thrilled to talk with you about your options, we focus today… Read more »

Receiving Sedation? Get Ready With Helpful Prep!

When you have planned to receive sedation dentistry, you will likely experience a wonderful sensation of relief even before we administer the sedative. Just the knowledge that you can float into a feeling of complete tranquility makes any stress regarding your dental care melt away. That is, unless you have some questions about what to… Read more »

After You Receive Sedation

You may love the benefits that come with dental sedation. What you might not love, however, is the fact that beyond the blissfully relaxing experience you will have at our practice, you’re not sure what to expect once the appointment is through. Fortunately, helping you navigate your post-treatment experience is extremely simple. Consider our helpful… Read more »

Would Sedation Make Dental Care Easier for You?

Sometimes, protecting your smile’s integrity requires a little more work than just a regular checkup and cleaning. For patients who require complex procedures, or who are afraid of the dentist’s chair, sedation can be a deciding factor in their dental health care. Whether you need extensive treatment, feel anxious about receiving your treatment, or have… Read more »

Nitrous Oxide Vs. IV Sedation

If you’re afraid to visit your dentist, you’re not alone. Dental anxiety and fear is fairly common, but that’s why we have sedation dentistry! Using sedation, your dentist can calm your nerves and make for a very comfortable appointment – whether it be a cleaning, checkup, or even something more extensive. When it comes to… Read more »