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Cone Beam Imaging Is Transforming Dentistry

Dr. Shawn Hofkes is dedicated to using the latest technology to make your dental treatment more precise, efficient, and comfortable. We now offer cone beam dental imaging at our Cerritos, CA practice. This advanced type of x-ray is a recent development in dental technology, but it is already transforming the way dentists approach oral surgery,… Read more »

The Sounds of Science: Noises You May Encounter at Your Dentist’s Office

The American Dental Association estimates that as many as 40 million Americans avoid receiving professional dental care because they find visiting the dentist extremely unpleasant. Dental fear and anxiety can be prompted by a number of factors, including unpleasant memories of the dentist, a fear of losing physical control, the influence of friends and family… Read more »

A Brief History of Dental X-Rays

If you’ve ever been to a checkup at the dentist’s office, chances are you’ve had x-rays taken. And, if you’re old enough, you’ve probably had traditional, digital, and maybe even cone beam x-rays taken in your lifetime. X-rays give dentists a powerful imaging tool with which to locate hard tissue problems, like tooth decay and… Read more »

Four Dental Technology Trends to Look for in 2014

You might think your dentist is boring and old fashioned, but general dentists and dental specialists get to deploy some of the coolest, most cutting-edge technology in their offices every day. And, as the industry diversifies and the price of equipment drops, more dentists can utilize lasers, 3D imaging, and digital technology to provide better,… Read more »