Month: November 2019

Why Should I Have My Prosthetic Secured By A Dental Implant?

When a person experiences tooth loss, their confidence can suffer because they are unhappy with their smile. While the cosmetic issues resulting from tooth loss can be serious, you should also be worried about the functional impact this problem can have. When even one tooth is lost, it can become more difficult for you to… Read more »

Your Future Dental Bridge: A Very Nice Holiday Gift! 

Usually, when you start coming up with things you’d really love to give yourself as a holiday gift, it’s something like a pair of cozy slippers, an island vacation, etc. Something you may not have ever added to your list in the past (but that you just might want to include this year)? A dental… Read more »

3 Things To Tell Your Dental Anxiety (Or Yourself)! 

Of course, your dental anxiety is something that is a part of you. You can speak directly to it but it’s not as if there’s a personified version of your nervousness that will respond verbally back to you! With that said, though, our Cerritos, CA team reminds you that there are certainly a variety of… Read more »

Who Can Tooth Loss Impact?

You may have some very clear ideas about tooth loss and the types or groups of people it impacts. You may guess that only people in their golden years deal with the loss of teeth and the need for replacements. You may assume that the main time this type of serious oral health concern occurs… Read more »