Month: March 2019

Have A Problem? Let Us Repair It.

You will hear this from our Cerritos, CA team quite frequently! When you have a problem with your oral health, of course, there are so many paths you might take in terms of your response. However, the path we always suggest you take is allowing us to repair it. Before you make any assumptions about… Read more »

Where’s That Bad Breath Coming From?

One day you’re just going about your business and your breath is the last thing on your mind. The next, you realize your breath is a little yucky. Then, you find yourself dealing with a case of full-fledged bad breath (which we also refer to as halitosis) that you cannot seem to shake. You rinse,… Read more »

How To Find A Dentist: Newcomer’s Edition

Maybe you have recently moved and you need to find great dental care or a trusted oral surgeon in Cerritos, CA. Perhaps you have lived in the area, but are ready to look at options. Whatever the reason, when the time comes to find a name, it can be daunting. There are lots of things… Read more »

Solid Signs It’s Time: Wisdom Teeth Removal!

Sometimes, wisdom teeth removal is something that you have the luxury of thinking about and considering for a while. In other cases, you start to recognize some serious signs that the time for extractions is now. Not sure where you fall within this spectrum but if your third molars should be removed soon, you realize… Read more »