Where’s That Bad Breath Coming From?

One day you’re just going about your business and your breath is the last thing on your mind. The next, you realize your breath is a little yucky. Then, you find yourself dealing with a case of full-fledged bad breath (which we also refer to as halitosis) that you cannot seem to shake. You rinse, you brush, you floss, you even give up all of the smelly but oh-so-delicious foods you think may be the cause. What to do next, you ask our Cerritos, CA team? Not to worry: We have answers and can help you.

An Infection Can Lead To It

If you have bad breath but you aren’t sure why it’s happening, we remind you that problems associated with bacteria and infection in your smile can smell bad. You interpret this as “sour breath” but it’s actually something that requires attention ASAP. You may have a sore, an infected tooth, etc. Come in! We will help.

Dry Mouth May Be The Culprit

We know that you might not associate a cotton sensation in your mouth with bad breath but the two are linked. When you’re short on moisture, you’re short on the flushing system (saliva) that keep bacteria populations to a minimum. Let us know if you’ve been feeling parched, your mouth feels sticky, your lips feel cracked, etc. In addition, try to increase your intake of fluids!

Decay Is Often A Factor

A big cavity can become a smelly matter, which can translate into bad breath. Remember that if you haven’t seen us in quite a while or you’ve been avoiding care your smile needs, untreated problems can lead to a smelly mouth. See us soon for care.

Damaged Dental Work May Be An Issue

When you have a dental crown or bridge or any other prosthetic tissue in place and all is well, you can easily clean your smile (these areas included). However, when you end up with a cracked crown, a damaged bridge, etc., you may not realize that bacteria are hiding and accumulating in crevices you cannot see. They may even make their way into your tooth, depending on the circumstances. This accumulation may result in bad breath. Remember to keep up with preventive visits twice annually and to call us if you think damage has occurred, so we may help!

Eradicate Bad Breath Soon

Talk with us immediately if you are experiencing bad breath if you’re fairly certain it’s a chronic issue. We will be more than pleased to examine your smile and to detect the underlying factor, as we treat the issue. To schedule an appointment or consultation with Dr. Hofkes, contact us today by calling 562-584-4082. We proudly welcome patients of all ages from Cerritos, CA, and all surrounding communities.