Month: July 2018

Extractions: Reasons You Really Do Require Tooth Removal

There are times when you think to yourself, “Hmm, I wonder if I really need a dental extraction.” You aren’t sure if what’s going on really warrants it, so the idea of having the tooth removed causes you some concern. We understand! We also remind you that when we recommend an extraction, it’s because we… Read more »

3 Things Not To Do During A Dental Emergency

There are some things you should do during a dental emergency (like call us right away, so we can provide you with whatever your smile needs and you’ll be back in one piece in no time!). Then, of course, there are some things you really shouldn’t do when this type of trauma or upset occurs…. Read more »

Teeth Replacement: Deciding Between Traditional Or Implant Support

So, you’re ready to replace missing teeth! This is a very exciting moment. You know that you have access to different solutions that will allow you to forget all about those open spaces in your smile, as you fill them and get back to life with a complete grin. What you might not feel so… Read more »

Implant Questions You’ve Been Meaning To Ask

When you’re going through your mental files and considering the treatment options you’ve been learning about for tooth loss, you might find that you prioritize dental implants as the front runner. As much as the benefits seem to allow implants to outshine other tooth loss solutions, you might still have a feeling that some important… Read more »