Implant Questions You’ve Been Meaning To Ask

When you’re going through your mental files and considering the treatment options you’ve been learning about for tooth loss, you might find that you prioritize dental implants as the front runner. As much as the benefits seem to allow implants to outshine other tooth loss solutions, you might still have a feeling that some important details are missing. What is it that you would like to learn? When essential facts escape you and they’re keeping you on the fence, so to speak, it’s always best to let us know. Remember: We’re your number one resource for oral surgery related information!

Questions and Answers: Implants

Question: What if I’ve lost all of my teeth? Aren’t dental implants more of a solution for someone who has just lost one tooth or a few teeth?

Answer: If you have lost any number of teeth, this is not an issue when it comes to your ability to qualify for implants. You can replace any number of teeth! If it’s an entire arch or all teeth, you may select crowns and implants. Or, you may rely on implant dentures!

Question: I’ve heard that once you experience tooth loss, your jaw starts to shrink. Is this true? If it is, what’s the point of choosing dental implants instead of some other prosthetic device for my missing teeth?

Answer: It’s true that your jaw will deteriorate over time. However, that doesn’t take you out of the running for implants. We actually suggest implants whether you just lost teeth or have been missing them for a while. We can fix your deterioration with grafting. Then, remember that implants will prevent that deterioration by replacing roots and the stimulating jawbone protection they once provided.

Question: Will dental implants cause any type of irritation? I’ve had issues in the past with a partial denture as a result of rubbing and friction. What types of discomfort might I expect from implants?

Answer: This is one of the most exciting benefits of implants. They don’t cause irritation because they are so similar to your roots. They’re not rubbing against anything or relying on teeth. Then stand independently within jaw tissue!

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