Month: October 2022

Is A Surgical Option The Best Fit?

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The concept of oral surgery can frighten patients simply by its mere mention. People recognize how sensitive our mouths can be. And our media like television and film tends to use dentistry as a punching bag in terms of pain and discomfort. It seems that root canals are often the butt of a joke in… Read more »

Remarkable New Cosmetic Solutions For You

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While the mouth is often seen as one specific area, there are many different forms of tissue. These each have their own concerns both medically and in terms of appearance. Likewise, each requires specific surgical treatment specific to the condition. For patients, this can sometimes be confusing, as there are a myriad of different terms… Read more »

Be Proactive With Your Wisdom Teeth

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Teens and young adults are faced with a serious consideration in their oral health. Once it seems like things have settled down a little bit and you are finally becoming comfortable with your adult smile, something huge happens. The development of your third set of molars, also known as your wisdom teeth, can lead to… Read more »

Get The Smile You Always Wanted!

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Very rarely is anyone born with the smile that they truly idealize. And while certain things can be addressed using the natural biological material, not all can. Orthodontics can move around the existing teeth that we have, but what if you have an issue with the shape of the structure? There is also the concern… Read more »

Free Yourself From Gum Stress

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If you are part of the nearly half of all Americans over the age of thirty that are struggling with your gums, know that you are not alone. This is one of the most common concerns that affect our smiles. Not only can this be damaging to your look, but it can place the health… Read more »

Quick Answers About Your Dental Implants

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If you are thinking about the possibility of having dental implants for a smile replacement, you probably have a lot of questions! And while we always love to see you at the office, some of these questions may arise later on, when you’re at home. This is completely understandable, as this is a serious decision… Read more »

Banish Stains From Your Smile

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Patients of all ages report consistently that they wish their smile was a little bit brighter. This is a very common concern, and one that is also completely understandable. After all, we only have one full adult set of teeth. After years of usage, it can be difficult to avoid stains. We are constantly consuming… Read more »

Quick Relief In A Root Canal

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For those experiencing severe tooth pain, it can be devastating to your daily way of life. It’s simply nearly impossible to focus on anything else besides your ache. This pain can be caused by a number of factors, and one of the most common is due to bacterial infection. Whenever invading organisms find a way… Read more »

A Strong And Beautiful Crown’s Impact

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There are a few different reasons as to why you need to have restorative dentistry. Physical trauma can break or chip a tooth, and leave the interior fleshy portion exposed to the open air. This can sometimes lead to an additional concern, which is that of bacterial infection. When outside organisms can reach within our… Read more »

Third Molars Cause Harm In A Healthy Mouth

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For young people, the quality of their teeth can make a serious impact in their daily life. After all, our smiles are one of the first things that people see when we meet them. If we begin speaking and our oral health is noticeably damaged, we might turn people off of our ideas before we… Read more »