Is A Surgical Option The Best Fit?

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The concept of oral surgery can frighten patients simply by its mere mention. People recognize how sensitive our mouths can be. And our media like television and film tends to use dentistry as a punching bag in terms of pain and discomfort. It seems that root canals are often the butt of a joke in every sitcom.

But there is obvious value within this type of medicine, and the word itself takes on a little different meaning within the field of oral medicine over other areas. Since this location of the body relies more heavily on the physical manipulation of tissue, it is also more common than with the rest of you. Today, your Cerritos, CA dentist introduces you to some of the more common forms of oral surgery, and why you should feel at ease with the possibility. Sometimes a little bit of work now can save you time and money in the future, and if you are experiencing pain currently, don’t live with it!

Restore Your Gumline

One of the most common issues that Americans struggle with is periodontal disease. This infection and inflammation of your gum tissue is present in approximately 42% of adults over the age of 30. It also can be very dangerous to your oral health, both cosmetically and medically.

This tissue forms a barrier between the world and the workings of your body. Like caulk around a bathtub, it keeps out unwanted bacteria, fungus, and even viruses. This provides a vital service to us and keeps us healthy.

When this develops an infection, it begins to pull away from your tooth. This prevents the material from doing the job it is designed to do, and places the health of your mouth at risk!

Removing Deep Infection

When these bacterial colonies take hold in the pocket between your gum tissue and your tooth, it is called periodontitis. This area is very nurturing for the bacteria, and they can grow rapidly. Ultimately, this reaches the pulp and root within the structure.

Once that occurs, surgery becomes a necessity. The most common outcome in this situation is what is called a root canal surgery. This includes a procedure called a pulpectomy, where your dental health professional removes the fleshy inside parts inside the tooth. The connections to the jaw stay sealed shut through the use of a putty known as gutta-percha. This comes from a plant, and is very useful as a sealant.

These are just two helpful ways that oral surgery may be a fantastic option for you. And it doesn’t have to be a struggle, your comfort is very important to our practice!


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