Month: January 2015

Q&A: Think Sedation Isn’t For You? Think Again

When we speak with patients about the many benefits of sedation dentistry, we tend to discover that they assume this relaxing solution is strictly for individuals suffering from severe dental anxiety. And while this is true, sedation does provide a wonderful solution for patients who fear dental care, this treatment also offers advantages to a… Read more »

Time for Wisdom Teeth Removal: Your FAQs

You may feel confident that you will need wisdom teeth removal to protect your oral health at some point in your life – but when is the right time? Are you supposed to just wake up one morning and decide that now is a good time to call us up to schedule your teeth removal,… Read more »

Compelling Reasons to Choose Dental Implants

Have you ever entertained the idea of replacing your missing teeth with dental implants? What is holding you back? We often find that patients have a broad understanding of a prosthetic solution but are unaware of the major benefits surrounding the details. If you have been thinking about how to best address your tooth loss… Read more »

What To Do During A Dental Emergency

Do you know what to do in the case of a sudden dental trauma? Chances are, since you never plan for an accident involving your teeth or gums, you may not know what to do when an emergency occurs. First, recognize that we are here to help you and understand the urgency of your situation…. Read more »

Could You Be At Risk for Dry Socket?

Tooth extractions are fairly commonplace in modern dentistry. There may come a time when your tooth is too damaged to be saved and the best option will be to remove it. After a tooth extraction, it is imperative that you follow your doctor’s orders regarding aftercare, or risk a painful and often debilitating condition known… Read more »