Compelling Reasons to Choose Dental Implants

Have you ever entertained the idea of replacing your missing teeth with dental implants? What is holding you back? We often find that patients have a broad understanding of a prosthetic solution but are unaware of the major benefits surrounding the details. If you have been thinking about how to best address your tooth loss for long-term satisfaction and a strong, healthy smile, we encourage you to consider some very compelling reasons to say, “yes” to implants.

Reason #1: Implants Require Simple Care

Rest assured, we will provide you with a detailed explanation of what to expect from your dental implants and how to promote the longest wear possible. However, for the most, part, you will simply need to continue caring for your smile with the same techniques required of natural teeth. We will recommend that you brush twice daily for durations of two minutes each time. You should also continue flossing for healthy gums that successfully support your implants.

Reason #2: Dental Implants Offer Versatile Teeth Replacement Options

Some patients assume dental implants are only helpful for replacing one tooth at a time. While it is true that we may provide you with an implant restored with a dental crown for individual tooth loss, we offer a variety of other options. For example, we may address greater tooth loss by placing several dental implant posts in strategic locations within your mouth. These posts will support a complete or partial denture.

Reason #3: They Protect Your Jaw Health

Your natural tooth roots send a signal to your jawbone to remain healthy when you bite down. This causes your body to supply your jawbone with minerals to maintain its strength, which subsequently supports your teeth. Tooth and root loss causes this exchange to end, which often results in jawbone deterioration. Fortunately, by replacing your roots with a dental implant, you reinstate the stimulus reaction necessary to maintain excellent bone and smile health.


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