Month: November 2018

Are You Ready For Smile Care In 2019?

Would you say that you know just what to do for your smile care in 2019? Or, do you already feel a little worried or behind in regard to the professional dental care that you probably require, so you’re feeling a little anxious about next year? If it’s the latter, we completely understand and our… Read more »

Last Minute Care: Here Come The Holidays

We know that you have the best of intentions when you decide that you’re just going to wait it out (whatever it is) and stay home. You’re not going to call us to schedule a dental visit. You’re not going to pay too much attention to the problem. You’re just going to relax, enjoy the… Read more »

Sedation: Should I Feel Embarrassed About It?

You may feel nervous about coming in for a dental visit with us at our Cerritos, CA practice. You may feel anxious about any type of professional dental care. Add to this the fact that you also feel particularly unsure about how to feel about the sedation that can make it all so much easier… Read more »

Thanksgiving And Your Teeth Replacements: Helpful Advice

As Thanksgiving rolls around, you’ve got some serious eating on your mind! However, before you begin salivating at the glorious thought of turkey, pumpkin pie, and more, we’d like for you to quickly reflect on what it means to enjoy this upcoming meal now that you have teeth replacements. Similar to advice we may suggest… Read more »