Sedation: Should I Feel Embarrassed About It?

You may feel nervous about coming in for a dental visit with us at our Cerritos, CA practice. You may feel anxious about any type of professional dental care. Add to this the fact that you also feel particularly unsure about how to feel about the sedation that can make it all so much easier and you don’t really have a recipe for a nice experience. Instead, you may end up making yourself even more stressed about smile care. Good news: We can swiftly explain why you should feel all good things about allowing something like nitrous oxide to make your visit better.

If You Think It’s Only You: That’s Not True!

If you have ever thought that you’re probably one of only a few individuals who needs dental sedation in order to comfortably come in for dental care and dental visits, then you really need a quick refresh on the topic. So many individuals feel hesitant or even extremely scared of taking care of their smiles in a dental setting. Remember, you are amongst millions who feel this way, so don’t let this thought make you feel worse! Feel better! You are not alone.

If You Feel You Should Be Stronger Or Braver, Think Twice

You might just think that there’s something weak about needing sedation for your dental visit. There isn’t! There are so many different possible reasons that you experience nervousness, anxiety, etc., in regard to dental care. It has nothing to do with how brave or strong you are. In fact, we consider it quite admirable and impressive when you choose to overcome your nerves and instead, come in anyway as you let the assistance of a sedative help you receive the care that you need!

Remember: The Goal Is Your Smile!

You might decide that your priority is to pretend that you don’t have a strong gag reflex and instead, just control it throughout your dental visit with us. As a result, you feel stressed out, you cannot relax, and even though you do your best, your gag reflex does its thing and you end up with a not-so-enjoyable visit. Why go through this? Your main priority is protecting your oral health, so we encourage you to stop feeling embarrassed about whatever it is that’s making sedation a beneficial option for you. Instead, enjoy the relaxation. As for your gag reflex or anything else, we can talk with you about how to handle such concerns!

Receive The Gentle And Relaxing Dental Surgery Your Deserve

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