Month: March 2015

Why You Should Replace Missing Teeth

Have you been thinking about choosing dental implants to complete your smile in the wake of tooth loss? We find that patients often feel good about restoring their smiles but then wonder if replacing teeth is really necessary. We often speak with patients who assume choosing a dental prosthetic like an implant is purely for… Read more »

Sinus Infections and Toothaches

There are many reasons for a toothache, including tooth decay or receding gums that expose the tooth root. Although the phrase sensitive tooth can make the condition seem less threatening, the truth is that tooth pain is among the most excruciating forms of discomfort humans experience. Treating a sensitive tooth depends on its cause, but… Read more »

Quiz: Do I Really Need Oral Surgery?

Feeling nervous about undergoing surgery of any kind is natural. You may even try to avoid the issue or delay treatment, asking yourself: “Do I really need oral surgery?” However, oral surgery is not only comfortable, but often necessary to help you maintain a healthy and whole smile.

FAQs: What Happens During an Oral Examination?

The first step towards treating your smile is an oral examination. We perform a checkup to assess the health and stability of your smile. From there, we can provide the necessary treatment to improve your overall dental health. What happens during an oral examination?

The Far-Reaching Consequences of Sleep Apnea

Have you been diagnosed with the sleep disorder sleep apnea that causes you to wake several – perhaps over a hundred – times per night? If so, you know that this problem occurs when your throat muscles over-relax while you sleep. When this happens, the throat tissues that they usually support will collapse against one… Read more »

Quiz: Do You Need Tooth Extraction?

We know that losing a tooth is bad for your oral health, but what if that’s not always the case? In many instances, removing a tooth is crucial for maintaining optimal oral health. Do you need a tooth extraction? There are actually a number of situations where an extraction is the best option for addressing… Read more »

What is Emergency Dentistry?

Have you felt sudden discomfort in a tooth or actually damaged one? If so, then you needed emergency dental care. What is emergency dentistry? This refers to any pain or injury to the teeth or gums. You should see the dentist as soon as possible. There are also steps you can take to alleviate your… Read more »

FAQs: What are Wisdom Teeth?

As we enter adulthood, many of us will need to undergo an oral surgical procedure. Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, can erupt in our late teens and early 20s, causing a number of oral health concerns. In order to help you maintain a whole and healthy smile, we can remove them before they… Read more »

Dental Implant Benefits: A Quiz

You may know a lot about implants if you have been researching ways to replace missing teeth. While you may have become overloaded with information about the parts of implants, how they are restored, and more, we encourage you to take a quick break. For the moment, focus on the many exceptional benefits of dental… Read more »

Quiz: What is Sleep Apnea?

Do you snore frequently or feel tired during the day? If so, then you may be one of the over ten million people who exhibit the warning signs of sleep apnea. This sleep disorder can lead to serious health complications. In order to sleep better and feel more rested, you may need treatment. What is… Read more »