Sinus Infections and Toothaches

There are many reasons for a toothache, including tooth decay or receding gums that expose the tooth root. Although the phrase sensitive tooth can make the condition seem less threatening, the truth is that tooth pain is among the most excruciating forms of discomfort humans experience. Treating a sensitive tooth depends on its cause, but what do you do if your dentist inspects your mouth and finds all of your teeth in good condition? Today we explore one possible reason behind your toothache—a sinus infection.

What is a Sinus Infection?

When you suffer from a cold or the flu, the symptoms can seem endless and agonizing. One of the most uncomfortable symptoms of seasonal sickness is the runny, stuffy nose that cold medicine advertiser’s love to address. When a head cold, flu, allergies, or any other reason cause the blockage of your sinuses, mucus production can become excessive and bacteria can grow on the mucosal lining. As with your oral health, bacteria can lead to infection, and a sinus infection can lead to a host of other symptoms, including severe headaches, fever, fatigue, and toothaches.

Sinuses and Teeth—Neighbors

Your sinuses are a series of connected hollow chambers located around your nasal region. The largest of these chambers, called the maxillary sinuses, are located in your cheek bones, close to your upper jaw where the roots of your teeth are anchored. When infection causes your sinus tissue to become inflamed, the resulting pressure can extend to these roots, sharing the discomfort and possibly making you believe that your teeth are in trouble.

If Your Toothache Is a Dental Issue

If you are experiencing dental discomfort, the visit your dentist or oral health specialist as soon as possible to determine the source of your toothache. If your teeth are in good condition, and you believe your sinuses may be to blame, then visit your physician for an appropriate solution.


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