Month: August 2018

Oral Surgery Questions To Ask (That Help You Feel Better)

While you’re sitting in our chair smiling, nodding, and doing your best to act agreeable as our Cerritos, CA team explains that you need oral surgery, you may actually be thinking a whole bunch of questions that you really want answered. However, you don’t want to seem like you don’t trust us or our opinion…. Read more »

3 Things To Remember When You Keep Your Wisdom Teeth

For some, third molars do not present a serious threat (or much of a threat at all) to oral health. Instead, they grow in correctly, they’re not impacted, they are not damaging other teeth … they’re just a final set of molars. If this is your experience, then you may have opted to avoid wisdom… Read more »

Dental Surgery: Why You Should Leave Guilt Behind!

There are so many reasons you may find yourself feeling guilty when you discover you need dental surgery! You might think that if you’d just taken better care of your smile over the years, you would never have lost a tooth and required an implant. If only you’d been more careful and worn an athletic… Read more »

Want To Avoid Weak Teeth? Try These Hints!

Patients often forget that in order to enjoy teeth that don’t easily crack, become seriously damaged, and eventually require extractions, there’s something simple to focus on: Keeping teeth strong, healthy, and vibrant, rather than weak, unhealthy, and brittle. When you think about it, however, the detail is simple and powerful. Weak teeth are, of course,… Read more »

Rest Easy: How To Respond To What Seems Like Bleeding

When you think that you’re experiencing bleeding in your mouth, it can cause you to feel a bit shocked and worried. We understand that this is a very common reaction and our Cerritos, CA team reminds you that it’s absolutely normal to experience these types of emotions. We also remind you, however, that there’s no… Read more »