3 Things To Remember When You Keep Your Wisdom Teeth

For some, third molars do not present a serious threat (or much of a threat at all) to oral health. Instead, they grow in correctly, they’re not impacted, they are not damaging other teeth … they’re just a final set of molars. If this is your experience, then you may have opted to avoid wisdom teeth removal because at the time it simply did not strike you as being necessary. However, you may ask yourself sometimes about what you should do if you suddenly think caring for them is difficult (and more). Fortunately, our Cerritos, CA dental surgery team is here to pick up where you left off, while providing you with answers that you could really use.

#1: If They Bother You, You Can Still Choose Removal

You may wonder what will happen if your wisdom teeth that were previously in perfectly good health and were not presenting any problems begin to bother you. Great news: If this happens to you, you’re not the only patient going through this experiences. Third molars are very far back in your smile and they’re newer teeth! You might find that they’re not as easy to care for as you thought or that they’re problematic in some other way. No problem. We can certainly offer you the wisdom teeth removal you need in order to protect your long-term oral health.

#2: Caring For Them Is Straightforward

While it’s possible that your wisdom teeth are difficult to reach, the care that they require is quite straightforward. So, with just a bit of extra effort in some cases, protecting them from problems like decay is something you can do. Remember, just like for the rest of your teeth, they need to be brushed twice a day and flossed around, as you complete your usual dental hygiene sessions!

#3: You Can Always Ask Us Questions

Maybe your wisdom teeth were perfectly fine and, as a result, you chose not to follow through with wisdom teeth removal. However, you have some question about them, you wonder if maybe you should have removed them, you question if you ever will, you wonder how they’re doing, and more. Don’t waste any time wondering about such details (particularly if they cause you any stress). Instead, just bring them up during your next visit with our team and we will be more than happy to help you better understand your third molars and what you can expect!

Care For Wisdom Teeth With Our Help

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