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Dr. Hofkes is happy to offer wisdom teeth removal for impacted teeth or those that never fully emerged. The significant decision to have your wisdom teeth removed is most easily reached with the professional opinion of your trusted dental surgeon, Dr. Hofkes.

What Are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the molars that grow in at the back of your mouth. Often referred to as third molars, they are coined “wisdom” teeth because they typically develop during your late teens or early twenties. However, because your mouth may not possess adequate space for this third set of molars, problems with healthy growth and development may occur. For instance, if you do not have enough room for these teeth to emerge, their growth may disrupt the alignment of the rest of your teeth.

Should I Have My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

You may or may not need your wisdom teeth removed. Your Cerritos dental surgeon, Shawn Hofkes, DDS, will complete a thorough exam of your mouth, including panoramic X-rays that reveal the state of your wisdom teeth. Healthy wisdom teeth developing successfully may not require removal. However, if your wisdom teeth are impacted, have grown in incorrectly, or are threatening the alignment of your teeth, extraction is often necessary. In addition, partial eruptions may lead to secondary problems like bacterial infections. Dr. Hofkes and our staff will determine the proper course of action for your unique needs.

Am I Too Old for Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Dentists often prefer to remove wisdom teeth in a patient’s younger years to prevent potential negative effects. Roots are typically still in the process of forming, making removal an easier process. While your jawbone is not quite as dense in your teens and early twenties, surgical removal in your thirties and beyond is a viable option. Dr. Hofkes will discuss possible plans with you for a comfortable return to you best oral health.

What If the Problem Tooth Isn’t a Wisdom Tooth?

Because everyone’s mouth is as individual as a fingerprint, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to which teeth may cause problems. Even if your wisdom teeth grew in beautifully or you maintain optimal oral health, occasional issues may occur. Sometimes a single tooth develops incorrectly. Wisdom teeth extraction or other tooth extraction might be the best option for stopping discomfort in its tracks and moving quickly toward a healthy smile.

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